What if the Sword of Shadowbane was Discovered?

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What if the Sword of Shadowbane was Discovered?

Post by blackwido » Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:33 am

I haven't played the game in awhile and this is the first time I've been on the boards in awhile also. This morning I was going through some old writings I had done on my computer and came across an idea I was playing with a few years ago where I was thinking about how the server always got stagnant after the power consolidation naturally happens after awhile on the server. So, I was thinking of ways that could possibly break up that and activate guilds and nations into more movement.

Don't take everything I wrote as the final idea because, like I said, I hadn't played for a long time and might not remember all the dynamics involved.. but you can use the parts of the idea that may hold water to inspire a way to do the intent of more guild and nation movement...

What if The Sword of Shadowbane was discovered?

“At last the mighty effort was finished, and the time had come to test the blade. Thurin took the sword and held it high, then brought it down upon his great anvil, the heart of the First Forge. And lo! There was a flash like lightning and a shock like thunder, and the World itself did tremble. The Dwarves were hurled from their feet, and when they rose, they saw that the shining blade had cleaved through the entire anvil, wrought of solid adamant, and cut even through the great granite stone beneath it! The Dwarves wondered at the power of this mighty blade..”

The entire scope of the power of the Sword Shadowbane is unknown, and it is believed that only a god could benefit from it’s full use anyways. What has been discovered is an individual of immense will ( A Nation Leader ) can use a small portion of it’s power to bring down the walls of entire cities in just a few swings of this mighty artifact of the gods. (It can only be wielded by a Nation Leader OR an independent Guild Leader at a live bane.) The sword can take down a wall in three swings and has a cooldown time of 1 min per swing... So, in 3 minutes a wall section is destroyed without the usage of placed bulwarks. It also can de-rank a tree. It needs to be in the NL inventory for it to be used. If the nation leader is killed, the Sword does not drop on the ground to be pickup up.. , it disappear. So, you need to protect the NL or the sword will be lost. It will then be placed on a random R8 mob and when killed, drops the sword and broadcasts a message to all players that the Sword of Shadowbane has been discovered. But who holds it remains unknown..

All Glory is Fleeting (Use it or lose it.)

In the hands of mortals, this sword is an Empire Builder, but while this great artifact can be of incredible use, it needs to be continually used in the destruction of TOL’s to maintain it’s power in this realm or it disappears. (Maybe needs to eat the soul of a TOL once a week or more?) (Power can only be used during DESTRUCTION BANES)

Also, every time the sword destroys a TOL, the wielder’s capital absorbs the destroyed trees power and gains 1 rank. (Maybe, have to think this through more but it gives lessor nations and guilds more incentive to acquire the sword and use it.)

Also, if the capital tree of the nation wielding the sword is destroyed, the Sword’s source of power to stay in the realm is lost and it disappears.

How I think this adds to the game
The presence of the Sword of Shadowbane in the game is meant to give more movement to the rise and fall of nations. One of the problems in the game is that the map can become “stagnant” with the larger nations continually getting larger as the small guild trees and smaller nations with no hope of acquiring members because the larger nations hold access to all resources, are gobbled up. The power of the sword to more quickly take down walls and de-rank trees allows smaller nations a powerful offensive weapon that can replace larger numbers for city sieging.

The possession of this powerful artifact in the hands of an already powerhouse nation should polarize the other large nations on the server against that nation as a necessity of survival and the sword in the hands of a smaller nation should polarize other smaller guilds and nations to rally to their standard to join in the opportunities the destruction the TOL’s presents.

Anyways guys, maybe there's something in this idea or not. Maybe it's to hard to do. I don't know but thought I'd share... Play to Crush!

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