December Preview & Update!

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SBE Team
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December Preview & Update!

Post by Starfish » Sat Dec 07, 2013 5:41 am

New Preview on the 13th December!

Greetings SBers!

Our last preview was such a success and so helpful that we've decided we'd like to hold a new, longer preview for you all! This new preview will be held from the 13th of December until the 20th of December, and it'll be held on our updated Vorringia mapset. The server will likely be VorringiaPreview!

While we are focusing and implementing fixes for Mines, Banes and Rolling mechanics we still need testing in other areas to ensure our next phase is as smooth as possible. Below are some target areas for testing during this preview.
Target Testing Areas

General Vorringia Bugs - do you have any problems with teleporting to cities or crash during any Vorringia unique areas? Do all the runegates work as expected?

Updated Vorringia Noob Isle - This zone has received an update to coincide with our XP Curve changes. Levels 1-10 should now be more pleasant and bearable, and we'd love your feedback here.

Updated Vorringia Ice
- One zone removed, some others changed around for zone and city placement balance. How do you find it?

Tweaked XP Curve
- We've edited out the bumps in our XP curve and made some minor fixes to it. We'd love large scale testing of the curve, and we're going to use this preview to get some real data with how it's working out.

Mob Death Fixes
- There should be no more invisible mobs, and much fewer "standing up" mobs after death. Even the ones that do occur should fix themselves after a minute. We believe that many issues have been resolved due to some core fixes in this area, and mobs should be very smoother overall. This should have good effects on overall performance, too!

Tweaks to Ymur's Crown and Ashfell Plain - Item, Rune, Gold and XP tweaked in these zones alongside some mobs having lowered damage in Ashfell Plain.

- We'd like more feedback here - is it working as expected?

Most Active Zone Message Testing - This new feature is returning. We need some testing/feedback with it, does it cause any lag or performance issues that you notice? Do you like it and find it useful? How many times over the preview have you used it to get PvP?

In addition to this, there are a plethora of new bug fixes and a couple possible new features for this preview. We hope you all enjoy your time next preview, I hope to see you there!
Content Update

Mines have come a long way. A very long way! They're really shaping up and now we can confirm that mines will definitely be in for next CB phase, alongside banes and city building!

Next phase is going to incredible. We have never been so close to realising our full Shadowbane content, and now we have the trinity systems of Banes, Mines and Cities - we are so very excited and we just know that it'll be the best and most competitive phase yet. Guilds will have a lot to prove next phase, so get your practice in with this preview while you can!
PvP Events

This preview will have some PvP events running to get you all some practice for next phase! There are so many new guilds and returning players next phase, and this is a perfect opportunity to knock off any rust you might have! There will be some rewards for those that participate.
Final Note to the Community and to our Team

As the holiday season continues, I would like to take a moment to thank everyone in the community for sticking with us up until this point, and for being patient while we have no CB up. The team really appreciates the trust and the patience you have all shown, and the incredible dedication to helping us test last preview - we hope that this dedication is still alive and well this preview. Truly, thank you!

Finally, on the last note here I would like to say a huge thanks and "well done!", alongside a pat on the back for everyone volunteering on our team. We have come so far in these short few months and we're finally tasting the fruits of our labor! We are so close, and it's all down to the determination and hard work of everyone on the team. Everyone has put in so much work, and there has been an enormous amount of progress in this short space of time. We've added new community reps, we've added new methods of communication and integrated portions of our community that might have been alienated, we've added countless bug fixes and new features and we've grown the size of our community.

That's an incredible accomplishment for everyone both on the team and of it!
Discussion Thread
Discussion Thread CLICK HERE

Please use the below threads for feedback. You could earn a CB invite!

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Performance, XP and Mob Fixes
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Noob Isle, Vorringia
Vorringia Noob Isle and Updated Vorringia Feedback

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Re: December Preview & Update!

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