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SBE: Reforged in Flame

Post by Starfish » Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:03 pm

Hail, Adventurers!

As you may have heard, the Development Team has been hard at work hammering out lag and disconnect issues that have plagued our project. We feel that now is the time to announce our Reforged in Flame update and officially progress to Open Beta in the near future!

This update is called: "Reforged in Flame". We've rebranded, melted and forged many pieces of the game to our high standards - that includes massive Network, Database and Content rewrites that massively improve performance and stability. We're still working on those facets of the project, and on issues identified since our major Network Patch, which will be an ongoing process.

The coming update focuses on maximising server performance, improving our content and fixing key issues that the community has long resigned themselves to accept. As we enter Open Beta our live server will receive a wipe. The wipe and new server open date will be announced in the very near future. Gather your allies and make ready. It's time to Play to Crush!
Over the past 3 months the Development, Test and Design teams have redoubled their efforts and put in a ridiculous amount of time in preparation for this update. Mechanics were reworked and entire blocks of code were rewritten with the sole intent of improving stability and performance. This wasn't a just a spring cleaning, it was a complete remodel.

The following bug fixes have been recently implemented, and you can expect to see them shortly:
  • Huge rewrite of the entire Network Layer. Less lag, less disconnects!
  • Rewrite of the Database Layer. Better performance!
  • Some sync issues have been fixed!
  • Pellegorn now ticks every 5 seconds, it was bugged to 10
  • Wereforms cast time now reflects their casting animation (4s rather than 6s)
  • Armor Penetration now functions correctly and has been slightly increased to reduce anomalies with the mechanic.
  • of Marksmanship (+Range) suffixes now function correctly
  • Passive Defense bonuses have been fixed. Previously they did nothing.
  • An issue with NPCs not being removed after buildings being destroyed has been fixed
  • A zone related disconnect has been fixed
  • Treb Ownership Extends Too Far has been fixed
  • Protection slots of buildings destroyed by owner cannot be reused on different buildings has been fixed
  • Nation Chat before Sub city swear in has been fixed
  • Water Bucket Heals Players has been fixed
  • Flyers can be hit by melee attacks during ascent should be fixed
  • Effects Not Appearing Synced should be fixed
  • Reserve Gold in Buildings maximum has been fixed
  • Maximum gold in Warehouse has been increased
  • Issues related to mines not opening during server resets have been fixed
  • Treb ownership bugs have been fixed
  • Trebs spawning ontop of one another has been fixed
  • Treb range bug has been fixed
  • Unusable Rod of Command and Command Siege Engine has been fixed
  • Thrall Sacrifice dealing damage once for every player affected has been fixed
  • Number of Protection Slots for trees has been fixed
  • NPC Displacement in buildings has been fixed
  • Fixed some Rolling Time bugs.
  • Some spell cast time issues have been addressed
  • Mana Regeneration sync has been improved
  • Templar mana regeneration sync has been fixed
  • Vault item issues have been addressed
  • Vault gold issues have been addressed
  • Mine-time issues have been addressed
  • Bane time issues have been addressed
  • Irekei Citadel At Guards Causes Game To Crash
  • IC Managing Forges Despite Not Being Friended
  • Flyers can be hit by melee attacks during ascent
  • Reserve Gold in Buildings
  • Building Management - Reserve
  • Max Mana - client / server not sync'ed
  • Nation Chat before Sub city swear in
  • Protection slots of buildings destroyed by owner cannot be reused on different buildings
  • Treb Ownership Extends Too Far
  • Mines Don't Produce During Hour of Server Reset
  • Water Bucket Heals Players
  • Runemaster Protection Slots
  • Visual of Cash in Vault
  • Double Mine Time
  • Deleting Buildings of War during an active bane
  • Unable To Friend/Condemn To Buildings of War
  • Casting spells But Not Damaging
  • Effects Not Appearing Synced
  • Placing Multiple Banes with the Same Guild/Character
Shadowbane is about besting your foes and making them sweat. There's no game that does it better. We've spent many hours in deliberation of the community's feedback and have implemented some great ideas which make that type of gameplay more rewarding! Now you can play the content you want to play, progress and feel rewarded doing it. To accomplish this, we have implemented the Glory system and updated the PvP Mechanics to better reward you for being a successful player or nation.

The upcoming changes were put in place to shift some of the experience burden from PvE and reward success in PvP. See below:
Character Progression
  • Experience granted from players has been increased greatly. You're now rewarded more if you can kill a higher level player!
  • Each player's first PvP Kill of the day will now grant vastly more PvP XP than a normal kill
  • PVP XP can now be earned at any level from level 20 onwards.
  • PvE XP has been reduced for higher level characters.
  • Implemented the Glory System.
    • This system rewards players with experience for impressive feats in combat. These include: being the first to kill someone, killing swathes of enemies without death, or killing particularly challenging players.
    • Sucessfully defending a mine now grants experience to all members of the defending nation within the area around the mine. (There is a cap on the number of players rewarded)
    • Sucessfully taking a mine now grants experience to all members of the claiming nation within the area around the mine. (There is a cap on the number of players rewarded)
    • Sucessfully defending your city will now grant Experience to characters from the defending nation on the city grid as the bane falls.
    • Sucessfully capturing a city will grant Experience to characters from the attacking nation on the city grid as the tree falls.
In addition to the above work on stability and new updates, the team has been furthering the work on core 24.3 features missing from the game. We're delighted to inform you that the following features are nearing ready for public testing and will be ready post wipe (which means R3 Trainers in Safeholds):
  • Open Trees are now fully functional. Build your own Trainer City or Merchant Town!
  • The Shrine system is now functional. You may find offerings fighting general monsters or fighting lore-specific monsters. Uniquely named monsters/enemies will also have a high chance of dropping an offering.
  • Training Costs are now functional.
  • The Friend/KoS list has continued support.
  • Maintenance costs are now functioning.
  • Basic Guards System has been implemented. Patrol logic has not been implemented yet. Guard Contracts can not be redeeded, only dismissed. Contracts expire after 10 days.
  • Guards can not be bought from vendors, but drop in the world.
  • Guards do not cost maintenance, and they cannot be ranked - they automatically use the rank of the Barracks they are in. Guards take 5,000 gold from the Warehouse each time they die, and the 5,000 gold appears on their corpse which is lootable.
  • Guard Dogs have been re-added and may be placed in Huts. They are a rare drop and there is a cap of 4 per city.
  • NPC Contracts now lose only 1 Rank instead of all of them after redeeding.
  • Massive animation overhauls - appropriate weapons now have their appropriate animations. Further, some un-used animations have been added to various weapons. Everything should look more awesome!
The final part of this update is going to appeal to a select part of our community. If you've played Vindication or Saedron, you're in for a treat. Lore is here, and it's on ARAC. Looking for an extra challenge? Maybe you're crazy about a certain faction. In any case, we've got you covered. Loreplay is here, and it's here to stay. See below.
  • Upon character creation you will see two servers: Vorringia LORE and Vorringia.
  • Choosing the LORE server will NOT put your character onto a different server. It will flag your character permanently as a LORE character, and force the LORE rules on you (Vindication/Saedron)
  • You will then only be able to join or create Lore guilds. Only Lore characters can join Lore guilds.
  • If you belong to a Lore Guild that owns a city, you will receive a bonus to their "boon" effects from Shrines. This bonus is very small, and will not make up for the downsides of Lore, nor will it change the outcome of an engagement.
  • You can never turn an ARAC character into a LORE character or vice versa.
  • The Charters used for this system will be posted in THIS THREAD (Click Here) in the coming days. Feel free to discuss before then!
We also have a few final touches, suggested from the Advocates and the Community, to help with how mines are currently played. With these Mine changes, we're addressing the issue with no one coming in the first part of the window, the issue with guilds setting times for the same to reduce competition, and the issue with people only coming in the last 10 minutes. We've listened to your suggestions, and now it's time to try them out. See below.
  • You may now only set the window of opportunity for claimed mines that reside in territory in which you own a city (henceforth called a "home territory"). Mines not in a home territory will default to the zone's window. Maelstrom and Oblivion mines are not affected by this, and will continue to work as they have in the past.
  • After a Mine's Guard Tower has been bashed down, claiming a mine now causes a guard tower to spawn. This tower starts with low health, but increases slowly during mine's window of opportunity. Therefore, players who arrive earliest will have the largest advantage. Water buckets can not heal mines now, however.
In closing, the launch of our new server in the coming while is going to be an event not to miss. Keep your eyes out for the exact date and time! Hundreds of hours have gone into making this the one, true re-launch of Shadowbane to the public. Get your allies ready, find old friends and start planning on how to crush your foes. Shadowbane is coming.

Please note the entirety of the Reforged in Flame update will be available on our public server before the wipe, should you wish to test, give feedback and help us progress the update. We'll let you know when it's on production! The patch is still being tested by our team, and things could be removed, added or scaled down before release.

SBE Team
SBE Team
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Re: SBE: Reforged in Flame

Post by Starfish » Fri Jul 04, 2014 7:05 pm

As we've noted above, we have been collecting the feedback from the community for a number of months. We will be launching two Balance Updates that will arrive before we launch on TBA. These balance updates have seen community input from inception onward, and we're absolutely proud of our Brainstorming members, Advocates and the Community Roundtable for helping shape these initial updates. We're all in this together! Please note that certain changes may be removed, added or edited for launch after testing.

It should be noted that we do not plan on majorly updating the game regularly; most updates will be small and concentrated, with updates being guided by the community. It is important to both the team and the community that we attain a healthy game, so we will strive for that goal first and foremost. As a result of discussions and feedback in the above systems the following small balance patch was written:
  • The Running skill no longer grants double benefits per skill point.
  • All root powers now cap at power rank 20. Roots now scale in cast time from PR-1 to 20.
  • All player characters have had their base movement speed increased, but movement speed enchantments have been tweaked (see below).
  • You can now use potions in Wereforms. If you use sprint in a wereform, your old runbuff will come back after sprint ends.
  • Sacrifice & Transfer Cast times have been normalised (lower efficiency ones have lower cast time) and a bug with the powers has been fixed.
  • The passive defense bonus/debuff for level difference between players has been removed.
  • Movement now ends the effects of healing, mana, and stamina potions. Cast times for potions are lower now. (Please note we are watching this change and it'll likely be tweaked, reverted or changed)
  • Humans are now granted an additional 20 ability points.
  • Dwarves are now automatically granted the Juggernaut rune at no cost, reducing Move Speed by 10% and increasing physical resistance to compensate.
  • Minotaurs have had their chance to Parry reduced by 50%.
  • Centaur base movement has been lowered by 5%.
  • Shades no longer receive the Death Shroud effect upon death. Being killed by a Shade character now applies "Shroud of Ardan" which cannot be removed by Succor or Sanctify the Fallen and lasts 4 minutes.
  • Elves now have +20% to base magic and holy resistances. Elves also receive +20% additional effect from healing.
  • All Irekei characters now have their Movement Speed increased by 10% and their Poison Resist increased by 20%.
  • Nephilim can no longer fly while transformed into a human, but this form now provides increased movement speed and dexterity. Nephilim in their natural form now receive a bonus to health and mana regeneration.
Focus Line Powers
  • All weapon-based bleed effects now last 20 seconds and tick every 4 seconds.
  • Most Attack rating, defense, and ranged weapon power movement speed debuff durations have been reduced to 10 Seconds. There some exceptions such as BM and BW.
  • The duration of the grounding effect from Grounding Shot has been increased to 15 Seconds.
  • The cast time for Treat Wounds has been increased by 0.5 seconds and is now interrupted by incoming damage.
  • All discipline Focus Skill-lines now receive double benefit for each training point investment. (Blademaster, Blade Weaver, Blood Prophet, Shroudborn, Bloodcraft, Sundancer)
  • Reduced the cast time of Vok-Maalra (Thrall) and Strength of the Many (Savant) to 3 seconds.
  • Drannok Fortitude is now 6% HP Threshold at JM and Bloodlust now caps at 10% Damage, but is stackable.
  • Thieve's Crippling Blow and Coughing Gas training now caps at power rank 20. This imposes a 30s Recast to Crippling Blow (and it's now -21% Def, -35 Dex/Str)
  • Rogue's cast time for Sneak has been increased to a minimum of 2.5 seconds at rank 40.
  • Wizard's Translocation cast time has been increased from 0.3s to 1.0s.
  • All "Blind" effects now dispel and block the use of Detect Hidden.
  • Rogues stamina cost for attacking in flight has been increased.
  • Assassin's Shadowmantle duration reduced to 30s. However, % Heals now heal through Shadowmantle. (We are watching this closely and if the Duration needs adjusted lower/higher, we will do that: Would you rather a more instant cast and shorter duration or current cast time and longer duration? Give feedback to the team!)
  • Priest's Tend to the Wounded cast time has been increased by 1.0s.
  • Healer's Blessed Healing Cast Time reduced to 0.2s, but the spell now caps at PR-20 (8s Cooldown).
  • Sanctifier's % Heal Cast Time reduces as the spell is trained, down to 0.2s.
  • Fighter's class/race combos which do not receive toughness or athletics now gain slightly more stamina and more health per level.
Note: all Movement Speed based changes are being closely watched and may be tweaked, reworked or reverted.
In addition to balance tweaks, we have made some adjustments to the world based on feedback and metrics obtained throughout the recent phase. Oblivion and Maelstrom have received polish updates. We have also implemented a commonly requested feature (no more destroying gold!) alongside made sustainability adjustments to random rolling.
  • Item Creation
    • Enchantment suffixes which add Health, Stamina and Mana have been considerably improved.
    • Throwing weapons have been put back onto their melee smiths, allowing the Morloch and Dispatch affixes.
    • The "Deadly" prefix is now 35% ARPEN after adjustments to the mechanic.
    • High-end equipment enchantments will now appear more often. However, rolling of all gear may take substantially more time depending on the rank of your forge. Further, the base cost to roll any item has been increased by 5,000 gold.
    • Mithril has been re-purposed. If a city's warehouse contains any mithril, the next item roll will be instant and use one piece of mithril per item. Mithril can be found only in the expansion zones of Maelstrom and Oblivion.
    • The "of the Windlords" and "of the Zephyr" enchantments have been removed from the game. You may now only roll the +5% enchantment "of the Wind". Base movement speed has been increased to compensate.
    • Gold can no longer be deleted. Discipline, Statistic, and Mastery Runes can only be deleted by players standing in safe zones.
    • Disciplines will now be returned to their classic respawn rate and drop every 4 hours. Disciplines Spawns now announce their arrival 10 minutes beforehand.
    • Glass has been reintroduced to the game. Glass & Elite (Vorg, Bellugh, CC) items can no longer be repaired. Elite drop rates have been doubled to compensate.
    • Bellugh Nuathal Hammer's is being looked at and will be improved in power.
    • Some specific Adventure Zones' microzones have been increased in power, notably Tainted Swamp, Vale of Nar Addad, Grimscairne.
    • Maelstrom and Oblivion have had their aesthetics polished. The zones on these continents have been adjusted to cater to active high-level players looking to finish their characters. With the increased difficulty comes increased experience and gold.
    • Recalling in the world now takes 5s longer, and you can no longer cast or go invisible while recalling. Identify Scrolls also take a lot less time to use now.
SBE: Reforged in Flame begins on: TBA.
Play to Crush.

SBE Team
SBE Team
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Re: SBE: Reforged in Flame

Post by Starfish » Fri Jul 04, 2014 10:01 pm

Want to learn more about the Content and World updates? A little sneak peek at some Environment changes, too? Check out the video below. More videos to come!

SBE Team
SBE Team
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Re: SBE: Reforged in Flame

Post by Starfish » Sat Jul 05, 2014 12:08 pm

Interested in Loreplay? Check out the video below for the details of our lore system!

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SBE Team
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Re: SBE: Reforged in Flame

Post by Starfish » Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:03 am

Finally! What you've been waiting for.. the BALANCE CHANGES! They're posted above, or you can check out our new video below!

SBE Team
SBE Team
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Re: SBE: Reforged in Flame

Post by Starfish » Wed Jul 16, 2014 3:31 pm

Hello everyone!

The server has been taken down while we prepare the Reforged in Flame patch. The Reforged in Flame patch will be put onto a "preview" test server for public testing where you can test the patch, try out new builds and give us your feedback. Experience and gold will be greatly increased on this test realm. Gear and rune vendors will be available.

This preview realm will have no characters or cities data leftover, everything will be fresh. It will last until we are happy with the Reforged in Flame patch and general stability.

The preview realm will be available within the next few days and will occur on the Vorringia mapset. Please note there will be bugs, and if you're expecting a stable play experience I suggest waiting until we iron out some of those bugs - this test realm is primarily for testing and helping us fix issues, that must be kept in mind at all times while on it!

Thank you!

EDIT: For clarity, this means that there will be no server to play on until the new preview server is online.

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Re: SBE: Reforged in Flame

Post by susan123 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 6:13 pm

That's my favorite one!

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Re: SBE: Reforged in Flame

Post by Zewbat » Mon Feb 06, 2017 1:16 am

Starfish wrote:Hello everyone!

The server has been taken down while we prepare the Reforged in Flame patch. The Reforged in Flame patch will be put onto a "preview" test server for public testing where you can test the patch, try out new builds and give us your feedback. Experience and gold will be greatly increased on this test realm. Gear and rune vendors will be available.
More gold you say? Where can I play on this test server Starfish?


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