Closed Beta: August Team Meeting Summary

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Closed Beta: August Team Meeting Summary

Post by ConspiracyTheorist » Tue Aug 07, 2012 7:48 pm

Team Meeting Summary

Greetings! Our team recently had a meeting to discuss various issues and welcome Claymore back to the project! We thought we would share the results of our discussion with you, in accordance with our promise to be as transparent as possible. The agenda for the discussion was mostly closed beta dominated, and as a result it was the focal point of the meeting.

What was discussed?

Where to begin! There were numerous issues discussed and questions answered, but I'll try and outline the major points that were raised during the meeting.

Vendor prices for our closed beta testing were brought up almost immediately by some members of the testing team. It was decided that the current pricing scheme could be too burdensome for closed beta testing, requiring too much time to become viable in the time alotted for testing purposes. Initially, opinions were mostly split here and the discussion was somewhat superceded by the proposed idea that we should use this phase of CB for a more structured and targetted test period, versus its current use as general mass testing scenario. In this regard, the team mostly agreed!

How do we accomplish such a feat? We have surely tested most of the major systems, right? Well, yes, but we discussed the possibility of using this phase to test the remaining mapsets (Dalgoth and Aerynth) in conjunction with testing loot tables in zones alongside general mass system testing.

Moving on to the next topic raised by Claymore; to make the testing period more cohesive and transparently outlined, we discussed the need to create new, updated "to-do" and "done" lists for the Dev and Design teams. It was decided that these lists would facilitate a more structured test environment and allow us to streamline the dev process a little more.

Attention to the current Closed Beta iteration and situation was drawn. The issue of teams was put on the table - have they succeeded? Has the team system for CB met its goals? Unfortunately, and for various reasons, the answer to that was a unanimous -no-. Ways to rectify this were brought up and a conclusion was drawn up.

Finally, a further CB issue was raised - Glass Weapons, currently the population and systems in place don't facilitate the use of these weapons very fairly, among some other issues caused by the weapons availability.
So what conclusions were drawn from the discussions? What plans of action were put in place? Several!

First, the issue of Closed Beta related systems were addressed together. It was decided that as long as we have staff willing to micro manage closed beta, there is no reason that it cannot remain online. To create a cohesive and useful testing environment it was suggested staff-run events ran often would help ensure activity does not dip. We moved on to the issue of our targets for this testing phase and decided that the major target should be to ensure that Dalgoth and Aerynth are working as required. In conjunction with this, it was decided that the team system in closed beta was not conducive to a friendly, playful and testing-dominated atmosphere in closed beta, and that this system would be dissolved in favor of allowing people to form their own guilds/teams and self regulating those without staff interference (mostly). Further to ensuring that the activity of closed beta is maintained, it was decided we should review the prices on the gear vendors. After much discussion it was concluded that we should decrease the costs of the Basic/Random rolled gear, and increase the costs of the higher end/resource/premium gear in accordance with design philosophy.

So, the layman's plan for Closed Beta is as follows, to be carried out by Daymar, Rich, Starfish and Alyriel;

1) Remove all Glass Weapons (both from players and from dropping)
2) Reduce the Pricing on Basic Gear
3) Increase the Pricing on Premium Gear
4) Prepare the Dalgoth Mapset
4 a) Noob island infrastructure.
4 b) Increase mobility of the mapset - to be decided at a later meeting.
5) Wipe all character data and implement the Dalgoth mapset. (XP rates will be boosted during the next phase)
6) Abolish teams.
7) Ravensburg won't be included in the new mapset. (This is an NPC city added for testing purposes)
8) We will be increasing the drop rates of stat runes.

Team Documents

It was decided that the Community Rep team will draft a desired Procedure for interactions with the community, liaison with staff members and gathering information for progress updates, announcements and social media outlets.

Design To-do, Done and "required" list to be completed by Starfish and developer To-do and Done list to be completed by Rich & Cammey which will be vital in ensuring progress and pace is maintained at a steady rate, alongside having an accurate and reliable road map for future dev cycles.

Questions? Discuss: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=6917


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