Server mana regeneration is incorrect: found the exact cause

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Server mana regeneration is incorrect: found the exact cause

Post by iRFNA » Tue Apr 08, 2014 4:34 pm

Server Rev #: 5874

Character Information (race, class, level): Elf, Wizard, 37

Location: (Macrozone/Microzone/Coordinates) SDR is where I tested to confirm the cause of lost mana desync on client, but location is irrelevant and this can be tested anywhere

Bug Summary: I've noticed that the client (obtained from this stickied topic) and server mana don't match up after even a few minutes of leveling (with the server always showing the client has less mana than the client does). After some testing in SDR with ./printstats, I have confirmed that it is due to the client regenerating mana while casting but the server does not. This isn't just an error in debug output, eventually the server will think the client is OOM and forbid casting while the client displays hundreds of mana in reserve. It results in many nasty surprises mid-combat!

Steps to Reproduce: Have any character with significant mana regeneration (the more, the easier it is to see) along with a spell with a few seconds cast time. I used the shielding spell on my wizard in basic SDR equip, so extreme conditions aren't necessary to see this. Cast the spell and immediately hit ./printstats and continually hit it during the casting, the mana will not budge. On the client, the mana continues to regenerate during casting. You'll notice that the server thinks the player has less mana than the client does afterward, when regeneration commences.

Additional Information: I don't know if this applies to health or stamina in different situations. I also don't know if it is "correct" for the player to not regenerate mana while casting, but I don't remember having massive "mana desyncs" on live SB. They're basically unavoidable the way things are now.

After a little shouting for info in Aeldreth, someone mentioned that walk mode makes a difference. I tested and server does do regeneration during casting if walk mode is enabled but not if run mode is enabled. The client does regeneration during casting regardless of walk/run mode.

I should note that my tests were all done while casting and standing still (can't cast shielding while moving, obviously). Not sure why walk/run mode are relevant in that case.

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Re: Server mana regeneration is incorrect: found the exact c

Post by Amaz » Tue Apr 08, 2014 8:19 pm

Nice research.

I can confirm I noticed the same thing on noob island last night leveling my new healer sader.


The max mana looks like it might be an issue as well.
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Re: Server mana regeneration is incorrect: found the exact c

Post by claymore1977 » Wed Apr 09, 2014 5:30 pm

Yes, excellent research. Thank you greatly.

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