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Class/Race Gear

Post by Reaper989 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:47 am

We already have class/racial gear in-place which do have minor perks, except for class hoods which are pretty sweet as are multi-piece (6 separate and hood option for casters) but there are definitely a few issues.

Mages : Should all have 6 piece set options.
Healers : Doomsayer and Channeler lack any 100% leather, period, Infernal and Myrmidon could easily off-set this issue as placeholders for the time being.
Robes : A solid option would be to consider adding Resto/Bene/Warding/Sorc and maybe +5 to Slash/Pierce/Crush. Thus still weaker, resist/health wise, to their 3 piece counterparts.

Other than that I'd purpose to double the current modifiers while adjusting some that are lackluster due to being used by two separate classes. Well, besides a few changes I'll list below. Thus it would be 2 stat to a primary stat (4 maximum if two stats are present for a single class armor), 2 to a focusline, and if there is overflow from stats consider giving baked in boosts to primary weapon for that class.

Racial armors obviously should be included, except Centaur which should give +2 to all class focuslines which can be centaur due to their inability to equip class armor. The lack of int/spr/dex/str can be offset by doing +1 to all stats rather than the +2 which is following other armors.

Hunting Leather : Add Intelligence to baked in stat modifier - Obviously have hunting chain follow suit "if" granted to druids at some point.
Northman Fur/Orc Skin : Remove Dex, add Constitution.
Scout Leather : Leave the same (+2 Dex) but give +1 Bow and Archery

Hunting Chain : Add Strength
Northman Chain : Remove Dexterity and add Constitution

Beyond that the only complaint I can have remaining is about Nephs, Aracoix, and Minotaurs.

Araciox priest can wear healer/priest hoods, and while we have racial armor at no point does it make any sense a hood cannot be worn.
Nephs, do indeed have horns, but should be at least allowed to considered to be given options for LA/MA/HA in the helm slot.
Minotaurs should at the very least have an option for their boot slots, like centaurs, and a hood slot option. And maybe consider giving the Thrall set a crown finally which used to be in SDR.

Then I'd probably say some weapon requests for certain classes....

Bard : Staff is great and all, but should get a dagger or UA option.
Fury : Needs a staff to benefit from the warding/sorc/focusline bonuses all other mages can make use out of, without needing conj staff.
Ranger : Bow please, it's long overdue, and maybe an Axe.
Templar : Polearm, please and thank you.
Thief : Dagger with Dex and Dagger/Mastery baked in, since like scouts they lack a focuslines.

And while I could go on about 1h healer/mage weapon options, which are not even remotely worth the trains, I'll leave that be.

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