Axe Powers

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Axe Powers

Post by Ottoman » Tue Aug 06, 2013 10:44 am

Server Rev #: 5460
Character Information (race, class, level): Half Giant , Barbarian , 75

Location: (Macrozone/Microzone/Coordinates)

Any training zone with barbarian trainer , any warlock trainer , any ranger trainer , any templar trainer , any confessor trainer , any huntress trainer ,any crusader trainer and any bard trainer

Bug Summary:

Huntress , barbarian and ranger trainers train axe powers up to 37 which are which have to be 25 trained

Templar trainer trains spear powers up to GM from 15 train ,

warlock, bard, confessor, crusader trainers train sword powers up to GM from 20 trains

Steps to Reproduce:

Additional Information: The powers do no t appear trainable for human valkyre barbarian ( it's also 75 ) but for half giant all axe powers , all spear and sword powers are trainable ...

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