Kinslayers Notes- Bone Marches

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Kinslayers Notes- Bone Marches

Post by Kinslayer » Wed Dec 21, 2011 6:54 pm

Bone Marches

Death Cages 108314, 48742
This camp seems accurate

Soultaker Engine 107476, 48305
The Necroix Bloodwings (14278) weren’t in this zone, removed and replaced with R4 green mobs with the funny name. (14294)(14295) Finnemars (R5), Firnegors, and Fernekals (Spelling)

Death Gate 106316, 48800
This camp seems accurate
Bone Collector in camp… removed
Watcher at the Gate R6 mob missing

Cages of Pain 106295, 47826
Schagga Doomhorn (100295) I don’t know this character
Also not sure if this was the format of this camp during live… I really don’t remember this that well…
Doomhorn Chieftan dual wielding? LOL

Unholy Fane 107240, 47473
Zealot Baelgor (14300) do not recognize this mob from this camp. Carlissa, the Blood Zealot, also missing from this camp.
I think this camp needs some more mobs in the center area of the zone.

Unquiet Cemetary 106217, 46839
Zharathak, Graveblighter was a beholder looking mob, not an undead necrotype. Wrought and I replaced, this mob with the right mob (a soul eater) hopefully we did this correctly and didn’t rename all the soul eaters 
Also the architecture of this microzone consisted of a small grave yard surrounded by a fence, there were no buildings and just a few larger headstones at the northern part of this camp. This was the microzone that seemed to drop the most vamp tailors

Sentry Post 106500, 46269
I am not sure that the building that is here was here, but it looks really cool and should probably just stay. Heptoch Killthor (100297) is listed as an R5 mob in the excel spreadsheet, he is R4 in game. Not sure if this is a big deal or not. Fixed ish

Hallowed Cairn 107261, 46125
Removed doomhorn
Added several Carnal Horrors, and Feasters, and terrors.
Not sure if this camp is correct or not…

Fallen Churchyard 108468,46364
Not really sure about this camp. Will leave as is.

Engine of Despair 107701, 46119
Added more mobs, otherwise camp is fantastic.

Seige Camp- 108116, 45860
Not sure but I think the unholy captain was a higher level mob? There were a couple more unholy auxiliaries in this camp, because they annoyed the heck out of me with their stupid bows, but otherwise camp looks fine.

Siege Camp 108116, 45860
Added another Necroix bow wielder.
There was a named mob here, that looked like a skeletal bird I think… he was R5

Siege Camp 109092, 47367
Not familiar with this camp looks great, will need to have Canghril, the Blood Knight placed.
Added a few more zealots.

Grove of Skulls 108857, 48481
What the heck is skallathos LOL, I don’t remember him here or this camp really. That bone collector replacement guy is really cute though.

Night Lord’s Tower 108101, 47874
Savage whatever… doesn’t belong-removed
The 3 higher level vampires that normally exist inside the tower will have to wait to be placed. We also increased the number of R4 mobs that were here.
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