Missing/misranked mobs Orc Farm #19 (south of zone)

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Missing/misranked mobs Orc Farm #19 (south of zone)

Post by Maethius » Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:37 pm

Forum Date/Time: 3/12/12 3:29pm

Server Rev #: 4817

World Location Coordinates, Fellgrim Forest, Orc Farm 64102x51502

Character Information (race, class, level): Human Wizard 75

Bug Summary:
  • R1 Favored Thrall missing from microzone.
  • R1 Grobold Laborer missing
  • Knee Biter Bodyguard is R1, should be R2
  • R2 Knee Biter Thrall is missing
  • Ligaash the Captain is R2, should be R3
  • Not sure if R2 Bloody Fist Slaver should be there, seems appropriate. Do not know if properly ranked or not.
  • Not sure if R2 Scalp Hunter Grobold should be here or not, seems appropriate, or if it's properly ranked.
  • Ash Eater Grobold R2 seems appropriate, not sure if ranked properly or not.
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