**DUPE**Huldring's Vald - Wulfin Encampment Mob level

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**DUPE**Huldring's Vald - Wulfin Encampment Mob level

Post by FeiBloodmoore » Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:40 pm

Forum Date/Time:

1:11am 10/13/11

Server Rev #:


World Location Coordinates, Macrozone, Microzone:

22021, 73173 Wulfin Encampment , Huldring's Vald

Character Information (race, class, level):

Neph Wizard, 10

Bug Summary:

Mobs may be a little high for the 1-10 zone. The normal Wulfin are level 12. The Snow Werewolf in the camp is level 18.

Steps to Reproduce:

Teleport to the area and search the camp.

Additional Information:

Some more 1-10 zone mobs that are a tad to high for the zone. I suggest the normal Wulfin to be around level 11 and the Snow Werewolf to be level 12.

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Re: Huldring's Vald - Wulfin Encampment Mob level

Post by Adron » Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:03 am

edited mobs as suggested. will check back after next server reboot.


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