Huldring's Vald , Snobold Village , Mob levels

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Huldring's Vald , Snobold Village , Mob levels

Post by FeiBloodmoore » Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:44 pm

Forum Date/Time:

10/13/11 1:22am

Server Rev #:


World Location Coordinates, Macrozone, Microzone:

23045, 73216 Snobold Village , Huldring's Vald

Character Information (race, class, level):

Neph Wizard , 10

Bug Summary:

Several mobs inside the village are to high for the zone listing. As follows:
Snobold King : Lvl 27 Suggested level of 12
Grobold Thane : Lvl 13 Suggested level of 10
Snobold Yeorl : Lvl 15 Suggested level of 11
Snobold Godi: Lvl 10 Suggested level of 9

Steps to Reproduce:

Just teleport to the area and you'll find it.

Additional Information:

This is the main stopping area for most groups before the next zone which is 10-20. IMO, you should be able to get atmost lvl 15 in this first zone, killing the strongest mob here. With a level 27 King, you could easily get r3+ on the first 1-10 area, which I don't think is a good thing. I'd suggest a level drop for these mobs in the village.

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Re: Huldring's Vald , Snobold Village , Mob levels

Post by Adron » Thu Oct 13, 2011 11:54 pm

removed r2's. I think those mobs appear in non-newbie zones, so i was leery of nerfing their levels. may need to compensate camp with some more low level mobs when I have the ability.

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