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Kai's Application

Post by kaidarebel » Mon Dec 05, 2011 11:18 pm

Applying for Closed Beta, Thanks
1: Please describe your Shadowbane gameplay history. How long did you play Shadowbane? What servers did you play on? Did you play fairly continuously, or were there periods of inactivity? What changes(if any) brought you out of periods of inactivity? Were you a part of the original SB beta program?
I've been playing SB since 2003; I was never inactive. I started off on Mourning then to Thurin. No I was not part of the original SB beta program.

2: What areas of Shadowbane are you most experienced in? Is there some mechanic or aspect of the game that you know inside out and backwards? This could be certain classes, or even specific builds, races, or types of characters. This could be more general experience in city building, city management and crafting, guild management, bane offense/defense, lots of experience in specific zones or areas, or any other aspect of Shadowbane that you have a great deal of experience/memory for.
I'm most experienced with Human Templars(Beastboy of Flame-deflar), Bird thief(KaiTheThief-def dagger thief), and Irekei Wizard(KaiTheWiz). I am also experienced with crafting and resource mines.

3: What areas of Shadowbane are you least experienced in? What did you spend little/no time on, or have very little experience or memory with?
I am very familiar with Gladiator, BH, and commander drop zones because I am a rune hunter. I am also very familiar with Vorgrim drop spot zones because i spent a lot of time farming Vorgrim gears.

4: A bug with the Dark Knight stun has been reported. Supposedly the DK stun is able to stun people while they still have a stun immunity effect active from a previous stun. Please explain the procedure you would use to verify this bug, show steps you would take in testing to confirm or disprove the bug, and demonstrate how you would document your findings for the rest of the team. Remember that testing will be a team effort, and everyone's work must be understandable and repeatable by other testers/designers/developers.
I would first confirm my character and my build, then show the location, mob/person I used the DK stun. I would then write a case report in detail on how did this happen and what i would do to fix this....

5: The development team has passed the crafting system on to the test team for initial verification. Given a forge or magic shop with a vendor placed, explain the steps you would take to verify whether the crafting system is working correctly. What things would you do to try and break the system and find any errors in the vendor/rolling system?
I would mass craft items with gold first and see if there is bugs with that and wear on the characters and see if the adjustments are right. If the resources were given, then i would roll specific items and see if they work properly

6: Please provide your Age, Sex, Location, and amount of time able to dedicate to the project.
18, m, Dallas Texas, 2-3 hours/day possibly more on weekends

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Re: Kai's Application

Post by Ceska » Tue Feb 28, 2012 3:07 pm

I recommend this player for beta 100%. He has been playing SB since he was practically 10 years old with a lot of knowledge about the game, characters, etc.

He has a real passion for shadowbane and is a great player. +2!


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