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Closed beta App - Crusader - RoC

Post by Crusader » Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:40 pm

1. I have played Shadowbane since the beginning years ago and have been a very continious player until it's shut down. I am very interested in working with the entire SBEMU community in order to properly test the game in and out in order to get the game ready for open beta because they has never been a game to this day that has the best PvP, GvG, Character building and development, city building and mass PvP sieging that Shadowbane does. Many have tried, all have failed. I have played SB since just after release on Chaos server and just after original beta. I have played on so many servers I don't think I could name them all but I'll make the attempt... Chaos, Vengence, Redemption, Wrath, Mourning, Briallia, TEST, and I know I'm forgetting a couple but they were the mains I believe. I had about 2 months of inactivity every 2 years of so due to the fact I needed a break or to RL issues. No real changes brought me back as I never planned on leaving for good anyway. I would love to work with my Guildmates and RL buddies as they have applied as well (Bastard & Cecil - RoC) and the entire SB community for the purpose of getting this game ready.

2. I am most experienced in PvP and GvG and Character building and development for almost all builds... I am a Master of the Scout with all races and builds. I have great knowledge of all races and all classes and most builds as well as all DISC runes and STAT runes as Ive experimented with just about every one. I have always been good at creating new build and better yet at taking current build and improving on them further to their best potiential. Power leveling of course and some macros. I remeber a few dupes from back in the day as well I'd be happy to test out, I have no interest in anyone having dupes messing up the economy...I have great knowledge city building & Management, guild management, Crafting and mines. Offensive and defensive Banes. Almost all mob zones and most especially Vorg zones ;) I have overall a great knowledge of gameplay in general as I've been a continious player over the years.

3. I have overall good knowledge of most of the game, and would not be afraid to admit my shortcomings as far as knowledge goes, but I've played for a long time and know the game well. I would say biggest issue is the same as everyone...Being out of the game for some time now. So of course some things fade to memory. But, SB has always been the #1 game, nothing touches it so the info is still in there and wouldn't take long to resurface if anything was lost. Towards the end of the game I mainly focused on building toons ,PvP, and banes with the larger Nations as well as crafting and vorg hunting so most knowledge would lie here. Other things would take the back burner to those but It's still there.

4. Use my Priest or Buffbot on my 2nd account and train then use the priest stun (15 secs) for the largest stun immunity and take a DK toon like a Temp to test out the functionality. Or possibly the same procedure with a fellow member or guildie. I would give a full written description a inform a MOD/You gents and post it to the fourms along with screen shots and videos if necessary to make you guys well aware and so it would be very easy to duplicate the process on how to prove it out.

5. I would run/craft/operate the forge in every capacity in order to test it full, as well as trying to double craft items, or messing (adding/removing) with the volumes of mats on the warehouse in order to try and trick the system to make items for free or multiple items for the price of one item etc. Using a fellow test member as well or various members in order to try and cheat the system to ensure everything is in valid working condition. Other methods Should and would be tested. ANYTHING I DO NOT KNOW I WOULD NOT HESITATE TO GET THE COMMUNITY INVOLVED OR SEEK ANSWERS FROM THEM AS I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING OF COURSE.

6. I'm and 31 years old, from Burlington (Near Toronto), Ontario Canada. I speak the English language only. I work 7 12 hour shifts every two weeks. I could dedicate 8-12 hours of my days off and 2-4 hours on work days. On average roughly 90 hours every 2 weeks. So in other words every waking second I have free.

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