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Closed beta application tormentor

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1: Please describe your Shadowbane gameplay history. How long did you play Shadowbane? What servers did you play on? Did you play fairly continuously, or were there periods of inactivity? What changes(if any) brought you out of periods of inactivity? Were you a part of the original SB beta program?

Played shadowbane for nearly two years played on wrath and played on test
Played fairly continuously for usually 4-6 months at a time then it was followed by a few months of inactivity these very usually the result of bored due to slow server performance and also depending if had anyone to play with

2: What areas of Shadowbane are you most experienced in? Is there some mechanic or aspect of the game that you know inside out and backwards? This could be certain classes, or even specific builds, races, or types of characters. This could be more general experience in city building, city management and crafting, guild management, bane offense/defense, lots of experience in specific zones or areas, or any other aspect of Shadowbane that you have a great deal of experience/memory for.

I have played almost every character and i will name characters and my experience with them:

Assassin rogue vamp dagger mediocre champion i played at the time after vamps got nerfed okay character i played it high int dex proc character with the proc buffs from posion blade

Irekei sundancer assassin played it almost the same way proc assassin irekei was better due to the amount of abilties from sundancer and ua until that we nerfed till you had to choose one or the other the nerf was justified because ua had the most amount of ablities with sundancer

Barbarian mino half giant axe bard also played aracoix axe chucker bard

Bard made a few human barbs made his somewhat beefy but him on a macro and had him follow my guys around and give him buffs

Channeler irekei mage channeler with the heal dot from blood prophet and i played nephilim healer channeler

Confessor made only one its an okay class guild never made fire specs so i didnt play him much

Crusader made only one when they where buffed allowing high def ratting while i had high def ratting the damage output was mediocre

Doomsayer never finished one

Druid multiple druids, human centaur elf used them mostly from level when the bug in which you could fly into things used centaur druids for banes and mine fights as well

Fury one of my favorite classes fun class allowed for super fast power leveling first class i actually scored legit kills in

Huntress fun class made multiple huntress both spear and bow huntress

Necromancer made 2 ok classes requires an actually group to be interesting

Nightstalker fun rogue the dot makes nightstalkers really easy to play plus the proc allows for high damage if you go irekei ua

Prelate made a few dwarfs are good but require all the int runes but in return you have a strong bane toon made a human as well prelates are pretty simple class

Preist boring class put it on a macro and have it follow me around

Ranger Shade rogue ranger couldnt get blinded had high def ratting strong character weakness no def debuffs out of wolf from

Scout Vamp scout generic high def ratting i was okay made a shade chucker and irekei ua scout and made a aelfborn bow as well

Sentinel human and half giant human for power leveling half giant for suicide bombing with power block immunity up

Templar didnt play two much templar played it as human deflar stole buffs but 3 dots on the target and watched it die

Theif vamp theif was fun with strigor aoe debuff allowed for fun gameplay i also discovered the double backstab which you could click regular backstab and another backstab for super backstab i was the first in my guild to find that

Warlock shade deflock never played a mage lock

Warrior dwarf dagger chucker mino axe warrior

Wizard no experience at all

I also have experience in city building and random rolling

I have a lot of character building experience and game play associated to making characters leveling characters equipping characters at the same time i have experience with how to build city how to random roll gear for the characters i need

3: What areas of Shadowbane are you least experienced in? What did you spend little/no time on, or have very little experience or memory with?

Bane management and mine management

4: A bug with the Dark Knight stun has been reported. Supposedly the DK stun is able to stun people while they still have a stun immunity effect active from a previous stun. Please explain the procedure you would use to verify this bug, show steps you would take in testing to confirm or disprove the bug, and demonstrate how you would document your findings for the rest of the team. Remember that testing will be a team effort, and everyone's work must be understandable and repeatable by other testers/designers/developers.

To solve this problem individually i would double box and play 2 characters. The first character would be a character with a Dark knight trained the second character would be a prelate or a heal priest one with a long stun and a long stun immunity. Lest say i pick the priest i stun my self and have a 45 second stun immunity. Next i would use a long cast skill preferable 3 seconds and it would probably be the group % heal then i could go back to the templar and see if i can stun the priest out of it. Once use the stun there are 3 possible outcomes. The first outcome would be that i stuned the heal priest out of then i know for sure this bug exists. Second i didnt stun the priest out of it but, i dont know for sure if i just was to slow at casting my stun so i would check to see if the stun immunity changed. Third my character just didnt get stunned and the bug isnt working.

While on my own its is trick to multi task between my heal priest with the stun immunity and lets say a templar with the dark knight i could also since its a team effort get some help from another tester do the same test but with one of us testing the stun and the other being immune.

Also for this stun is would be the best choice to test it at each level of 1-20 see if there is a difference and see if at any level the bug occurs.

Verification is the hardest part, for insistence the best way to verify is to record if possible our experience and add commentary describing how we did our experiment and what the results are if that for insistence is not possible screen shots of what the experiment was and written comentary can be provided for the other members of the test team.

As an Engineering major i understand the amount of documentation necessary to prove a problem and i know how to show and prove something is broken and needs fixing

5: The development team has passed the crafting system on to the test team for initial verification. Given a forge or magic shop with a vendor placed, explain the steps you would take to verify whether the crafting system is working correctly. What things would you do to try and break the system and find any errors in the vendor/rolling system?

This is coming from my random roll experience. I would A. try to random roll different amount of items as my first step. Random roll the max followed by 1 less followed by 1 less till im random rolling 1 item. Then i would check to see if it is different next i would just randomly pick and number and see if there are any changes to the random rolling process. I would test all items like this and see if there are any discrepancy based on the item i am rolling maybe the bug lies with a particular item so i would test each item in this regard.

Step B. Test multiple items at the same time assuming i have found that at this current moment that all the items when rolling them individually in different numbers are working fine. I want to see if i mix up the rolling process and start mixing half item a and half item b i will get similar results or if i ended up finding a problem between the number i am suppose to have rolled b the stats of the items rolled. I dont want to find a recipe of getting max tier items through random rolling by just going half half. This way i can determine if the random roll system is working as intended.

Overall the random roll process is tricky because of all the combinations i can attempt to make.

Step C. Test resource rolling try to roll items in which i dont have enough resources for. See what happens when i try rolling an item that i dont have enough funds. Next would be rolling an item with two much funds would i lose as much resources as it suppose or did it take more.

Those are some basic ideas that are coming from the top of my head right now.

6: Please provide your Age, Location, what languages you speak and amount of time able to dedicate to the project.

Age: 21
Location: United State Iowa
Languages English
Weekdays 2 hours daily maybe more maybe less depends on homework schedule
Weekends 6 daily depends on homework amount


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