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1: Please describe your Shadowbane gameplay history. How long did you play Shadowbane? What servers did you play on? Did you play fairly continuously, or were there periods of inactivity? What changes(if any) brought you out of periods of inactivity? Were you a part of the original SB beta program?
I started SB a month or so after it came out through the end of its time( I did have prob 6 months total away from sb for Real Life things) :( I started on chaos and was apart of Obsidion Order and soon had my own tree and pling newbs with my Elf Scout.... "IKR" Also played on Mourning, and Wrath. But I ended up mainly playing on Test. I was not part of the original beta.

2: What areas of Shadowbane are you most experienced in? Is there some mechanic or aspect of the game that you know inside out and backwards? This could be certain classes, or even specific builds, races, or types of characters. This could be more general experience in city building, city management and crafting, guild management, bane offense/defense, lots of experience in specific zones or areas, or any other aspect of Shadowbane that you have a great deal of experience/memory for.

I owned several towns through my SB life. Almost at all times I have had at least 1 TOL. My strong suite would most def be in City Building/ Management/ Guild Management/Defense. I loved swamp Isle it is where I spent most of my time, That and the desert. The races and classes I played a lot: Irikie/Human/Aelfborn/Nephlim/dwarf Scout/druid/warlock/channeler/priest/bard Disc: Sundancer

3: What areas of Shadowbane are you least experienced in? What did you spend little/no time on, or have very little experience or memory with? I would have to say the Ice Island was my least knowledgeable area. I pretty much know everywhere in the game but That is the fuzziest to me atm. (I am sure if allowed to participate it would greatly jog my memory :)

4: A bug with the Dark Knight stun has been reported. Supposedly the DK stun is able to stun people while they still have a stun immunity effect active from a previous stun. Please explain the procedure you would use to verify this bug, show steps you would take in testing to confirm or disprove the bug, and demonstrate how you would document your findings for the rest of the team. Remember that testing will be a team effort, and everyone's work must be understandable and repeatable by other testers/designers/developers.

I would test this by either me or another member of the team have a priest and one of us have a character with the Dark Knight applied. And test this report without recording, If indeed the report is true. I would then have both of us record the engagement at the same time so we could have both POV to be looked at by the team demonstrating that it does indeed stun while stun immunity is active. To achieve this you would simply have the priest stun himself giving him stun immunity and then have the DK stun the priest.

5: The development team has passed the crafting system on to the test team for initial verification. Given a forge or magic shop with a vendor placed, explain the steps you would take to verify whether the crafting system is working correctly. What things would you do to try and break the system and find any errors in the vendor/rolling system? Track times for items rolling / Trying to manipulate items while rolling/ Pulling vendors / placing vendors, Pulling items / placing items. Changing number of rolled items. Pick through the system seeing if I could change the effects in anyway.

6: Please provide your Age, Location, what languages you speak and amount of time able to dedicate to the project.
25/Northern Idaho/English/40+


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