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Christopher The Beta

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Christopher Williams

1: Please describe your Shadowbane gameplay history. How long did you play Shadowbane? What servers did you play on? Did you play fairly continuously, or were there periods of inactivity? What changes(if any) brought you out of periods of inactivity? Were you a part of the original SB beta program?

My shadowbane history was brief,(roughly six months) but I played nonstop everyday as The Outsider. I did not begin playing with an organized guild until the end of the server's life. My epic solo struggle against the “CN” for gear and runes could be written into a screenplay rivaling Ice Cube in Friday. Any contact with the DEV team came from the monsterous strategy guide that never left my side...the storyline is one that is barely emphasized, yet every core area oozes with their medieval solitude.

2: What areas of Shadowbane are you most experienced in? Is there some mechanic or aspect of the game that you know inside out and backwards? This could be certain classes, or even specific builds, races, or types of characters. This could be more general experience in city building, city management and crafting, guild management, bane offense/defense, lots of experience in specific zones or areas, or any other aspect of Shadowbane that you have a great deal of experience/memory for.

I charged myself with monitoring low-level zones so that the average gankster had a hard time picking up easy pk’s. I was the Men-in-Tights version of Robin Hood, I promise. I hold that city defense is the most important aspect to the game. The various ways that you could enter were not as important as the struggle to exit. Looking like a dunce, standing in the corner of the classroom, trying to /stuck your way out to pursue the warlock/confessor team that just toilet-papered your fortress is beyond frustrating when there is no window to jump out of.

3: What areas of Shadowbane are you least experienced in? What did you spend little/no time on, or have very little experience or memory with?

Planning Guild domination, as a Leader or an Officer, throughout the Endgame-World, involving all the powers of Ten, and actually setting up a BANE that was against an occupied piece of turf is not in my six-demon-bag. I happily resided in “thief” mode and played to expose weaknesses to abandoned Castles for my Guild. Easy acquisition. Be not the Magus when a Fool is all that is called for.

4: A bug with the Dark Knight stun has been reported. Supposedly the DK stun is able to stun people while they still have a stun immunity effect active from a previous stun. Please explain the procedure you would use to verify this bug, show steps you would take in testing to confirm or disprove the bug, and demonstrate how you would document your findings for the rest of the team. Remember that testing will be a team effort, and everyone's work must be understandable and repeatable by other testers/designers/developers.

I would triple-check timing deficiencies and cross-reference them with identity definitions for time of day, when dealing with Knight vs. Night. Also monitor player chat for their codeword for the dupe.
For example: Sometimes a vampire is stunned during the daylight/deathlight or a Sun/Stun buff/debuff. Sometimes a rapid shift in population can scream exploitation/bug of race/class combos. Crowsfoot database methodologies are a strong backstop to run if integrity/inventory is in question and are easily read by all who understand the cascade of code.

5: The development team has passed the crafting system on to the test team for initial verification. Given a forge or magic shop with a vendor placed, explain the steps you would take to verify whether the crafting system is working correctly. What things would you do to try and break the system and find any errors in the vendor/rolling system?

Follow directions! As a winemaker, I know first-hand the importance of following the data points from the previous batch and holding my works to within a hair of the other attempts. Finding a blown cork in a warehouse is foreshadowing defeat, but if you cap it, relabel it, and sell it as planned, you may keep your job. The Devs work is strenuous enough and if you kink the system, it is difficult to get a crease out of a pair of their pants. Poka-yoke!

6: Please provide your Age, Location, what languages you speak and amount of time able to dedicate to the project.
I am 32, Live in Norman, Oklahoma, speak perfect English, and can dedicate all nights/days to mending cracked landscapes and player experiences.

I would be prosperous in either the Testing Team or the Moderation Team.

Thanks for this opportunity!

Christopher Williams
Norman, OK


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