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Belgerog Application

Post by Belgerog » Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:12 am

1: Please describe your Shadowbane gameplay history. How long did you play Shadowbane? What servers did you play on? Did you play fairly continuously, or were there periods of inactivity? What changes(if any) brought you out of periods of inactivity? Were you a part of the original SB beta program?

Im not sure about the exact years, but first i played at the Beta in SB Asia. After they closed the Beta i got over to USA Beta.
Then the Release time comes an i played a few Years on Damnation in Europe. Then i quitted SB fopr a time, and after it becomes F2P i came back. Until the Servers closed forever. Some times i had a few weeks or month break.

2: What areas of Shadowbane are you most experienced in? Is there some mechanic or aspect of the game that you know inside out and backwards? This could be certain classes, or even specific builds, races, or types of characters. This could be more general experience in city building, city management and crafting, guild management, bane offense/defense, lots of experience in specific zones or areas, or any other aspect of Shadowbane that you have a great deal of experience/memory for.
The Most expierience i have with huntress and Crusader. Also the Assassin.
Also i have much expierience in City building.

3: What areas of Shadowbane are you least experienced in? What did you spend little/no time on, or have very little experience or memory with?

Chaos and Aeran Bellendor. Also i dont remember the name The Irekei city in the desert with the r6 monsters.

4: A bug with the Dark Knight stun has been reported. Supposedly the DK stun is able to stun people while they still have a stun immunity effect active from a previous stun. Please explain the procedure you would use to verify this bug, show steps you would take in testing to confirm or disprove the bug, and demonstrate how you would document your findings for the rest of the team. Remember that testing will be a team effort, and everyone's work must be understandable and repeatable by other testers/designers/developers.

I would use a class with Dark knight skilled. Then i would use another class and get stun on it, if it comes every time.
Best is to use this with 3 players. On for the DK one for another stun (immunity) and one for beeing the victim ;)
Then i would check if the race and/or class which ist using Dark Knight does a matter.

The Dark Knight Stun ignores the Stun Immunity from (list of classes and powers if it is only affected by a few classes) xxxx.
This effect is only appearing if the Dark Knight is used on Aelborn Crusaders.
Setting to reproduce the Bug.

Aelfborn Crusader with DK
Mage Assassin to Stun (all other Stuns work too)
A Random victim (The class an race doesnt matter)
Can anyone confirm my testings.


5: The development team has passed the crafting system on to the test team for initial verification. Given a forge or magic shop with a vendor placed, explain the steps you would take to verify whether the crafting system is working correctly. What things would you do to try and break the system and find any errors in the vendor/rolling system?

Hmm i would try to put in the Ressources, After that i would try to start the producing system and getting the ressources out of the forge before the items are used.

I would produce several items.
Not only high items, also low items.

6: Please provide your Age, Location, what languages you speak and amount of time able to dedicate to the project.
I am 29 Years old from Germany, I speak German, English, Some German dialects.
I think i would spend 10-14 hours a week for testing.


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