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Application for Grandpa (aka Vilbradr)

Post by Vilbradr » Sat Jan 25, 2014 12:30 am

1. Which team are you applying to?
2. Please describe your Shadowbane game play history. How long did you play Shadowbane? Which servers did you play on?
I played SB since the original beta until the closing of the game. Played final beta launch event where Ashen Temper and some other community reps got on HUGE gm characters and proceeded to spank the hundreds and hundreds of players that were gathered for the event. It was some of the most fun I ever had in SB those first few extremely laggy days. I played on Mourning mostly until it shut down. I played several other servers but mostly as a errant trouble causer.
3. Which areas of Shadowbane are you most experienced in? Is there a mechanic of the game that you are more knowledgeable in than others? Please explain your most valuable asset you believe you have as a Shadowbane player.
I am most experienced in spell casting. Spell cast timers, damage with/without buffs etc. I would state my most valuable asset as a SB player is my loyalty and respect of others abilities. Only rolled with a few guilds in SB. All of which were based on loyalty and respect and full of extremely great players (TFL/Stormhold/DB).
4. You are going to either test/design a zone. Which aspects would you include in your report and how would you report the information?
If I were testing a zone my report would be based upon the mob AI such as how quickly and accurately does it aggro and how is its damage based upon how it is expected to be.
If I were designing a zone I would probably include things in the report that would assist the developers in better handling weather, amount of mobs, aggro range of mobs, issues with line of sight etc.
5. Do you have any skills in IT or programming, and how much experience do you have?
I have been a developer in old school languages for 30 years or so (RPG/COBOL/PL1/C++/Perl etc) and have lately been involved in PHP, Java, Ruby and a few other more scripted than compiled languages.
6. What sets you apart from another applicant?
My experience in IT
7. How much time will you be able to dedicate to the project?
15+ hours a week

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