Spawn Index Data: Forest Mahr'hok/Fellgrim Forest/Thornwood

Vorringa equivalent :: Fellgrim Forest
The Untamed Hills :: lvl 20-35
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Spawn Index Data: Forest Mahr'hok/Fellgrim Forest/Thornwood

Post by Rewen » Sat Oct 20, 2012 4:46 pm

Indexed originally by Spitster
spitster wrote:Fellgrim Forest

1: Druid Shrine (XL)
(7)Greenroot Treant R2
(7)Treant R2
(1)Varthane Oakenstaff R2

2: Orc War Camp (R)
(1)Bone Crusher Axegrinder R1
(2)Bone Crusher Captain R2
(1)Large Bone Crusher Orc R2
(1)Bone Crusher Elite R3
(1)Grimfer Irontooth R2
(2)Gaint Dire Wolf R2

3: Orc Sacred Place (R)
(3)Greater Barghest R2
(1)Regok Witcheye R3
(4)Bone Crusher Shaman R2
(3)Bone Crusher Walord R2

4: Ogre Spawning Grounds(XL)
(2)Bone Crusher Captain R2
(3)Large Ogre R3
(3)Ogg R2
(5)Ogre R2
(1)Ogre Tamer R2
(1)Rogsrok the Ogre Keeper R2

5: Ruined Druid Shrine (L)
(1)Blorg Battle-rager R3
(3)Bloody Fist Scout R2
(4)Bone Crusher Axegrinder R1
(2)Bone Crusher Captain R2
(1)Bal'Keth Stoneface R3

6: Orc Border Camp (T)
(3)Blade Grinder Elite R2
(3)Bloody Fist Slaver R2

7: Orc War Camp (L)
(3)Bone Crusher Axegrinder R2
(3)Bone Crusher Reaver R2
(1)Captain Vaprak R3
(4)Giant Dire Wolf R2

8: Orc Watch Tower (L)
(4)Bloody Fist Axegrinder R2
(1)Bloody Fist Hunter R2
(1)Bloody Fist Scout R2
(1)Borgok Brainspiller R3
(1)Golgaa Ironskull R3
(3)Greater Barghest R2

9: Orc War Camp (R)
(2)Bone Crusher Champion R3
(2)Bone Crusher Reaver R2
(2)Bone Crusher Scout R1
(1)Morgor Scarhide R3
(1)Giant Dire Wolf R2

10: Burned Farmhouse (L)
(3)Bone Crusher grunt R2
(3)Bone Crusher Captain R2
(1)Kivek Axe Grinder R2
(4)Great Dire Wolf R2

11: Orc Village - Gladiator (s)
(2)Bone Crusher Hunter R1
(1)one Crusher Reaver R2
(2)Bone Crusher Shaman R2
(1)Bone Crusher Warlord R2
(2)Bone Crusher Champion R3
(1)Captain Kugaar R2
(1)Duruuk, Bone Crusher Chief R4
(1)Guruuk, Chief's Son R4
(1)Gund Earthshaker R2
(2)Large Bone Crusher Orc R3
(4)Ogre Marauder R2
(1)Scatharr Flame Caller R3
(4)Greater Barghest R2

12: Orc Watch Tower (t)
(3)Bloody Fist Scout R2
(1)Skarduhl the Burned R2
(1)Greater Barghest R2

13: Orc Border Camp (t)
(3)Bloody Fist Slaver R2
(2)Bloody Fist Scout R2

14: Ancient Battlefield - Thrall (XL)
(3)Banesidhe R2
(4)Fallen Warrior R3
(4)Greater Ghoul R2
(2)Grove Mothers Shade R3
(1)Renegade Thrall Gorkoth R4

15: Orc Burial Ground (R)
(1)Hruggor Ghost Caller R3
(7)Giant Dire Wolf R2

16: Orc Watch Tower ( LUMBER MINE )

17: Burned-out Farmhouse (T)
(4)N'Koth R2
(1)Murgo the Scornful R2

18: Orc Border Camp (T)
(3)Bone Crusher Reaver R2
(2)Bone Crusher Grunt R2

19: Orc Farm (XL)
(3)Bloody Fist Orc R2
(3)Bloody Fist Taskmaster R2
(6)Knee Biter Bodyguard R1
(1)Knee Biter Champion R2
(1)Kugoo, Ash Eater Chief R2
(1)Ligaash the Captain R2

20: Burnt Homestead (L)
(6)Blade Grinder Sentry R1
(6)Great Dire Wolf R2

21: Wolf Lair (R)
(6)Great Dire Wolf R2
(2)Waurg R1

22: Orc Clearing (R)
(1)Blade Grinder Hunter R2
(1)Bloody Fist Slaver R2
(5)Grobold Laborer R1
(1)Urguuk the Dog Lord R2

23: Orc Border Camp (R)
(6)Blade Grinder Scout R1
(1)Vegosh Manskinner R2

24: Orc Work Area (R)
(3)Bloody Fist Slaver R2
(5)Grobold Laborer R1

25: Orc Despoiling (R)
(2)Bone Crusher Overseer R1
(1)Bone Crusher Task Master R1
(5)Large Grobold Laborer R0

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