vet LFG or LFM

find a guild or recruit players
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vet LFG or LFM

Post by dajjal1983 » Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:39 pm

I have played with a lot of guilds in the past but did not stay in contact with any of them so I figure i got 3 options as my ( rl ) friends refuse to play SB

1- join a guild

my toon's names - deviant , dajjal , refuseamen , refuse, lVlatrix
started on the war server with the small guild ascension ( icehawk was the guild lead dunno if that mofo still plays )
then went to vengeance , entropy, test cata, mourning all of them really

2- make a guild tonight

need people for that so post below if you want to team up.
ill post a link to my disc channel and ill be in when the server is up.

3- get new friends haha

anyway post below if you want me to join your guild pop in disc later and have a chat with me. same if you want to team up we will see where the night brings us.

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