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Recruitment Information

Post by Daymar » Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:40 am

Team information

Development Team: Responsible for creating and maintaining the code for the server side application. Interested programmers should check this thread before posting an application - viewtopic.php?f=209&t=10539

Design Team: Responsible for maintaining the design document, implementing design features with in-game tools and running in-game events.

Test Team: Responsible for ensuring any bugs in the game are found and documented for the developers to fix.

Moderators: Enforce the FCoC and monitor forum activity.

Community Representatives: The public relations arm of the project relating to out of game activities on the forums or elsewhere.


If you're interested in joining any of the above teams, post an application from here, that details how you can help us, into the appropriate Recruitment Submissions sub-forum.

Team points of contact

Design: Starfish
Development: Daymar
Testing: Alyriel
Community Representatives/Moderators: Rewen


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