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Design team / test team app submission- Aliciakeyes aka Wild

Post by AliciaKeyes » Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:08 am

Design/Test Team Application

1. Please describe your Shadowbane game play history. How long did you play Shadowbane? Which servers did you play on?
I started playing on briallia in march of 2006 then I went to vindication in sept. of 2006 , In the same year and stayed on vidication until april of 2007 moving our guild to mourning. both vindication and mourning I was gone for a month or two in between fall 2006 and fall 2007. I stayed on mourning until the game relaunched on march 25 2008. I was on malog a majority of the time but went to test and thurin to play in other guilds with allies or friends of mine. I played continuously from nov. 2007 until the servers went down.

2. Which areas of Shadowbane are you most experienced in? Is there a mechanic of the game that you are more knowledgeable in than others? Please explain your most valuable asset you believe you have as a Shadowbane player.

I will answer this the best I can as mechanics involve different explainations. I would say my best asset as a shadowbane player is adapting to play many different races, classes, and professions. If I am approached to build a template and run the character in group or solo I can do it. Most characters I build I master very quickly sometimes in the same day. During the previews in 2011 I mastered three or four characters I have never played during the previews in close combat pvp. I have been able to master most class/race/profession builds for support, solo play, pvp, mines, and banes. I have often triple boxed to farm alone, take a mine alone, or summon chain the nation all over the map. In smaller nations or guilds the ability for a guild member to be extremely versatile and be able to play those characters well is a valuable asset.

3. You are going to either test/design a zone. Which aspects would you include in your report and how would you report the information?

If was testing a zone I would report the behavior and damage of the mobs, the aggro, respawn, and notate loot contents other then gold. If its a Player for instance I would record the damage dealt by the player on the mob and vise versa. I would report by ventrillo, irc chat ,or in the proper test team data thread. I usually write down the activity and explain in detail in vent when needed. As a player I had always tested the damage of mobs and loot vs. the race/class/profession/ and in what spots of mob spawn mobs reacted to aggro.

There are other aspects of the game I would test and trouble shoot, mines, banes, city building, tol ranking, building ranks, trainer ranks and so on. I would imagine data would need to be taken to review the mechanics, wall damage during a bane per hit or burn, mine damage per hit or burn. testing claiming of mines tols, walls, and assets. Rolling gear , weapons, and jewels, checking stats on these items are correct. reporting bugs during these tests.

I used to check jewels and weapons and gear on different race/ class/ professions to see if I could get better stats on non traditional builds and tweeking points into the build to complement certian weps and jewels and armor. Example - changing the rings, hood, and xbow, on a nightstalker to get faster kills and escape. I have made changes to builds for solo or group support, or made solo chars not dependant on gear.

4. What are your preferred methods of communication? (I.E. Ventrilo, MSN, Skype, IRC, etc)

Ventrilo,skype, irc, msn, and of course the emulator boards.

5. What sets you apart from another applicant to the Design/Test Team?

I get along with everyone, respect the fact that each individual is different and focus on the task at hand. I am very detail oriented and take direction well, and work well with a group or alone. Since I don't know as many people in shadowbane as most veterans I would not have a biased opinion of anyone. I just want to help shadowbane relaunch, In my most dreary days Shadowbne helped me get through and I had an outlet in which to grow, change, and see the world a little differently. It sounds kind of funny but shadowbane is very psycological, meticulous, and creative. I don't like thowing my gender card around but being a woman playing this game is fun to me, Even when players give me a hard time. reminds me of my Army days.

6. Please provide your age, location, which languages you speak and amount of time able to dedicate to the project.

I am 38, I live in Clute, tx. I speak english and know a little Italian, german and spanish. right now I have several hours a day I can test. when I do return to work it will be down to 4 hrs a day max.

Thank you SBEmu for the Opportunity to apply.
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