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Development Team Application

Post by Angelian » Thu Oct 17, 2013 2:00 pm

1. Which team are you applying to?


2. Please describe your Shadowbane game play history. How long did you play Shadowbane? Which servers did you play on?

I played from the launch in 03 until the end. I took a few months off at a time in between. I started on Fear and then moved to Corruption. Later played on Redemption.

3. Which areas of Shadowbane are you most experienced in? Is there a mechanic of the game that you are more knowledgeable in than others? Please explain your most valuable asset you believe you have as a Shadowbane player.

I played mostly melee characters. Thief, Assassin, Barb, and Warrior were my main characters. I have played all the classes though. For a time on Corruption I had my own tree but mostly my city maint experience was from rolling items and placing buildings in my guild's cities.

4. You are going to either test/design a zone. Which aspects would you include in your report and how would you report the information?

I would come up with a test procedure based on each camp and which mobs spawn there. Something like:

Camp A - Spawn B:
Did the creature spawn?
Is the creature moving?
Can the creature be killed?
Did the proper loot drop?
Did the creature respawn in the correct amount of time?

Also, Do a sweep to make sure the structure are all in place and nothing is standing out as wrong.

5. Do you have any skills in IT or programming, and how much experience do you have?

I am a Software Engineer for a defense simulation company with 6 years experience. I work mostly in c++ and c#. I have networking programming experience with TCP and UDP. I work with CryEngine3 and have a firm understanding of 3-d math and height maps. I have have worked with MySQL and have been on projects using Tortoise SVN.

6. What sets you apart from another applicant?

I think that my experience with Game Engines and 3-d would set me apart.

7. How much time will you be able to dedicate to the project?

This would be the one drawback. I have a wife and small child on top of working full time. I do not think I could dedicate more than a few hours a week to the project. I loved Shadowbane and would like to help you guys out in any way I can.

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