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Snobo Seer
Snobo Seer
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New Game Development

Post by Nin » Tue Nov 12, 2013 9:25 pm

Hi Guys,

Im hoping that any appropriate and prudent eyes can see this post.

A quick intro about myself; Im a farmer primarily, almonds in california, Blue Diamond Growers infact. At my core though Im an entrepenuer, an investor, A Gamer. I've always been a gamer and was involved(playing) with shadowbane from its lauch.

Now to cut to the chase.

Im kicking around the idea of developing a game. To be up front, I know nothing about video game creation. I do however have considerable financial backing, tenacity, and a desire to pursue this idea. Being unclear of what is needed in a team to create a game from scratch, and what skill sets this SBemu team has to offer, leaves the ball in your court.

Obviously my desire would be to create a game similar to SB.

If this idea is not interesting to yall, or redundant, please disregard. Regardless of your interest, if anyone could provide me with the quick and dirty synopsis of what it would take, and how long it would take a full time team to develop something to be proud of; I'd appreciate it.

Best Regards,


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New Game Development

Post by Bodlede » Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:55 am

I've been learning js for one year, usually with some frameworks, but I am not sure if it's enough for game development. What languages do you usually use?

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