SpawnIndex Data: The Blood Sands/N'Koth Waste

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SpawnIndex Data: The Blood Sands/N'Koth Waste

Post by Candi » Mon Apr 08, 2013 3:52 am

1 - Sand Troll Cave-----------------R
8-Large Sand Troll R2

2 - Orc Watch Tower-----------------T
1-Bbhaash Captain R3
3-Bbhaash Scout R3
1-Bbhaash Sentry R3

3 - Orc War Camp-----------------L
2-Bbhaash Captain R3
3-Bbhaash Hunter R3
2-Bbhaash Orc R3
1-Bbhaash Reaver R3
1-Bbhaash Sentry R3
2-Large Ogre R3

4 - Oasis---------------------------R
2-Chaos Ant R3
2-Chaos Ant Drone R3
2-Chaos Ant Soldier R3
1-Chaos Ant Warrior R4

5 - Orc Guard Camp------------------L
3-Bbhaash Captain R3
2-Bbhaash Orc R3
3-Bbhaash Scout R3
2-Bbhaash Sentry R3

6 - Sand Imp Camp-------------------T
2-Elder Harpy R3
2-Sand Imp Assassin R2
1-Sand Imp Champion R2
1-Sand Imp Khan R3
1-Sand Imp Warrior R2

7 - Lightning Drake Grounds---------XL
2-Cobalt Drake R3
2-Elder Blue Drake R3
5-Lightning Drake R3
1-Scirrivax The Blue R4

8 - Serpent Lair--------------------R
4-Giant Sand SerpentR3
2-Great Sand Viper R3

9 - Watering Hole-------------------R
3-Bbhaash Hunter R3
2-Bbhaash Orc R3
3-Bbhaash Scout R3

10 - Significant Spawn--------------L
8-Great Scorpian R3

11 - Irekei camp--------------------T
1-Bhalalar Archer R2
1-Bhalalar Flame Keeper R2
1-Bhalalar Marauder R2
2-Bhalalar Raider R2

12 - Orc Guard Camp-----------------L
1-Bbhaash Captain R3
4-Bbhaash Orc R3
3-Bbhaash Scout R3
3-Bbhaash Sentry R3

13 - Desert Maze--------------------XL
4-Dune Harpy Queen R4
4-Dune Harpy R4
3-Trisekt Forager R2
3-Trisekt Solider R3

14 - Irekei Desert Camp-------------R
1-Googak Thrice-Stung R3
5-Great Scorpian R3
1-Trainer - Khalek, Master Sun Dancer
1-Trainer - Rehana, Master Blood Prophetes

15 - Irekei Shrine------------------R
2-Bhalalar Archer R2
3-Bhalalar Dervish R2
2-Bhalalar Mystic R2
1-Bhalalar Sun Dancer R2

16 - Desert Battleground------------L
1-Bbhaash Orc R3
2-Bbhaash Sentry R3
2-Bbhaash captain R3
2-Bhalalar Archer R2
3-Bhalalar Raider R2
1-Large Ogre R3

17 - Desert Campsite----------------R
2-Bhalalar Archer R2
2-Bhalalar Dervish R2
3-Bhalalar Mystic R2

18 - Basilisk Spawning Ground-------XL
4-Elder Basilisk R3
4-Elder Horned Basilisk R3
1-Gratholl, the Fellspawn R3
5-Greater Horned Basilisk R2

19 - Orc Ward Tower-----------------R
4-Bbhaash Orc R3
1-Bbhaash Scout R3
2-Bbhaash Sentry R3

20 - Arch Mesa Campsite-------------R
3-Bhalalar Archer R2
2-Bhalalar Dervish R2
2-Bhalalar Marauder R2
1-Khovo the Red Death R4

21 - Marid Pavilion-----------------XL
1-Prince Zulfikar R3
10-Marid Vizier R3
1-Zuhair the Grand Vizier R3
1-Glandor Ingloridan R4
1-Glandor Ingloridan R3

22 - Sand Troll Spawn---------------T
5-Giant Sand Troll R3

23 - Drake Death Grounds------------L
4-Cobalt Drake R3
4-Elder Blue Drake R3

24 - Orc Scout Camp-----------------L
6-Bbhaash Scout R3
4-Bbhaash Sentry R3
1-Gorgo Elf-eater R3

25 - Orc Stronghold-----------------*S
1-Ancient Ogre R4
1-Bbhaash Captain R3
3-Bbhaash Mystic R3
12-Bbhaash Orc R3
3-Bbhaash Scout R3
4-Bbhaash Sentry R3
8-Bbhaash Slaver R3
1-Khorgak the Soul Drinker R4
1-Large Ogre R3
1-MaKesht the Fierce R4
1-Torgak the Orc Champion R3

26 - Single Spawn------------------- T
1-Khaluun the Radiant R3

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Re: SpawnIndex Data: The Blood Sands/N'Koth Waste

Post by Teddie » Mon Jun 17, 2013 12:10 pm

The orc guard camp is missing the r4 orc elietes I made another post with video links from youtube as proof. During live I leveled and farmed at this specific camp from 2003-2009 and am 100% certain plus I have video evidence to prove my point. Thank you

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