Spawn Index Data: Thunderstone Peaks

Jotunheim :: 30-50
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Spawn Index Data: Thunderstone Peaks

Post by Candi » Sat Mar 30, 2013 3:36 pm

Indexed by Aeroch

Zone Copies:
D: Jotunsgaard
D: Titanfell Peaks
V: Jotensgaard
V: Ymur's Crown
A: Thunderstone Peaks
aeroch wrote:Ymur's Crown
1. Mountain Shrine -- T (6)
x3 Mountain Giant Raider R3
x3 Giant Cave Bear R3

2. Trollgarth -- L (11)
x6 Greater Ice Troll R3
x2 Lesser Blizzard Troll R3
x2 Small Blizzard Troll R3
x2 Blizzard Troll R3

3. Storm Giant Stronghold -- S (20)
x5 Giant Worg R3
x5 Storm Giant R4
x4 Storm Giant Thunderer R3
x3 Storm Giant Sentinel R3
x1 Harthir Storm King R4
x1 Young Storm Giant R3

4. Frost Drake Graveyard -- T (6)
x4 Ancient Ice Drake R4
x1 Ice Doom R6
x1 Winter Drake R5
x1 Vorrin's Doom R4 (Valkyr)

5. Mountain Giant Territory -- R (8)
x3 Mountain Giant Raider R3
x3 Giant Cave Bear R3
x1 Mountain Giant Warrior R3
x1 Mountain Giant King

6. Cathedral Ruins -- L (11)
Frost Giant Sentry R3
Frost Giant Raider R3
Frost Giant R3

7. Shaarduk Steading -- XL (15)
Shaarduk Forager R3
Shaarduk Hunter R3
Shaarduk Berserker R3
Shaarduk Scout R3
Shaarduk Runemaster R3
Thane Jeordrak R4

8. Frykka's Triumph -- T (6)
x6 Draug Warrior R4
x1 Draug-Torvald

9. Frost Giant Hall -- XL (15)
Frost Giant Rune Carver R4
Frost Giant Warrior R3
Frost Giant Thane R4
Giant Polar Bear R3
Thrym-Gar the Ice King R4

10. Snowy Den -- R (8)
x7 Snow Fiend R4
x1 Snow Horror R5

11. Gold Mine -- N/A

12. Griffon's Nest -- L (11)
x4 Crested Griffon R3
x4 Swiftclaw Griffon R3
x3 Dreadtalon Griffon R4

13. T'voll Den -- L (11)
x8 T'voll Warrior R3
x2 T'voll War Chief R3
x1 T'voll King R5

14. Griffon's Aerie -- R (8)
x4 Large Griffon R3
x4 Ancient Griffon R3

15. Arctic Campsite -- L (11)
x5 Shaarduk Hunter R3
x3 Giant Grizzly R3
x3 Shaarduk Forager R3

16. Titan's Skull -- R (8)
x3 Giant Worg R3
x3 Storm Giant R3
x2 Storm Giant Warrior R3

17. Ancient Castle -- XL (15)
x5 Ice Reaper R5
x5 Ice Fiend R4
x5 Frost Fiend R4

18. Gaarkak the Bear King R4

19. Kul-wydor the Cold Drake R4

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