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Black Crown - Atone

Post by Atone » Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:11 pm

Hi there! I'm not sure how this goes, having already been promised slots from the CB Going Forward stuff. But we could sure use more than 7 slots, so here goes :D

I am the current leader of Black Crown. AKA Cult of Throol'hroon Gen'aa, White Willow Circle, Burning Crown, Burglarious Crown, Bleeding Crown, and Belligerent Crown.

Black Crown as a nation began on Vindication after Fraternitas Orthanatos lost their capital and broke up. The remaining people and guilds that still wanted to ride the unholy charter / shade roleplay train reformed under BC tags. We were fairly unorganized and bad until late on Vindication, during Equastro's tenure as nation lead, when we started rolling specs and taking mines. We continued to play and improve as a guild throughout Saedron, where we got some much-needed bane experience. This culminated in our wizard charter "glory run" late on Saedron where we were beating the best guilds on the server on a regular basis and feeling pretty unstoppable.

We are a mixed EU and NA guild that has traditionally leaned towards an earlier, Euro-friendly play schedule. We have a deep seated love for kiting groups and maybe a soft spot for templar meat. There are a few lore buffs and roleplay nerds among us, myself included, although we've admittedly strayed a little from our roleplay roots. We have a few players with extreme individual skill (well 4 years later maybe not :p), such as Loeg, but we've never recruited on the basis of skill. Rather, we seek players who want to play and improve as part of a team.

And that is Black Crown history 101.

As far as our intentions for closed beta, we'd like to be able to be a force for the testing of mines/banes. The preview and tournament have really gotten our hive buzzing. Between the people we have and the few THC guys that are active (they were BC during our wizard charter run), we could probably get a full group for mines reliably. And that sounds much perferable to taking our 7 beta slots and subbing to someone, since historically things don't work out when we sub or take a sub. We also want to play so we can redeem ourselves for completely throwing our match vs Group One :p Above all, it'd just be great to play again with these guys again. We were never able to find a game that everybody agreed on after Shadowbane, so we are committed to seeing it restored.

Active Roster: (There's a couple fresh forum accounts, but they're all longstanding BC members.)

Coming, but already have invites:
The Hate Crew

Thanks for your time.


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