The Eternal Guard - (Trynthlas)

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The Eternal Guard - (Trynthlas)

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Guild Info/History
The Eternal Guard is a gaming community spawned out of our time in Shadowbane. We play with equal doses of RP and PvP, and while we aren't of the "elite" powergaming type we know how to fight.

Our history can be traced back to the Death server (and even a bit of beta before that), where members played under the flag of The Aelfborn Nation. As Death server rolled on towards its eventual shutdown, TAN bled members. After being made leader of TAN, I worked to build back up the numbers - eventually we were compelled to join the server war (which we had avoided with declared neutrality to that point), and with that change it was time to change our flag, setup, and mission. The Guardians of Aerynth were formed, and helped play a role in the final defeat of what remained of the LoD nation (admittedly less than it had been, but that was true of all nations on Death at that point), and a major role in the politics of the server until it closed.

GoA moved to Mourning to pursue the RP community on that server and we entered a good phase of our history. At our peak membership we fielded at least 2 groups for any major fight, often running 3 groups and change (never a huge guild, but big enough to be effective, especially with the size of nations on Mourning and the politics there). Peace was short-lived on Mourning, and a cascading set of wars saw us refined into a respected fighting force (especially for a bunch of "RP care-bears"). What eventually became a full-blown server war saw us win (and lose) banes with 20-30 people on each side as well as banes with 200+ people on each side. GoA-led banes on the Dark Horselords eventually broke down that nation, but resulted in the enemy alliance led by UDL targeting us with a relentless series of chain-banes until war weariness from our own members and allies finally led to a defeat and the loss of our own capitol. There is a whole lot of history in the GoA timeframe of our history that would take pages to cover - that's the best I can do in just a few sentences.

At that point, GoA membership wanted out of the war business (at least for a time), and we reformed under the tag of 'Verdant Liberation', taking a more RP-intensive approach to the game. Sure, we still fought, just not in the last stages of that server war. Around this time, the Realms system was announced, and people were getting twitchy sword hands again. VL (with somewhat less members than GoA had had) merged with The Sundered Guard into a new nation called The Knights of Braialla (KoB). KoB suffered internally from personality and play-style conflicts between the two groups that had merged, but nevertheless managed to be extremely successful in controlling a large number of mines and in the Game of Realms (at one point we held 3 realms and over 50% of the mines on the server if I recall correctly). I would say that due to the new mechanics KoB was more successful overall than GoA, but due to the internal stresses it is remembered less fondly by our group.

KoB eventually declined due to groups of members creating alt characters to pursue interests and fun outside the conflict. Our last big effort in Shadowbane was when the lore server launched (the planning for which also contributed to the decline of KoB) - the core GoA group and a set of other friends we had made landed there under an Amazon guild, the Daughters of the Black Rose. It was a good time, and the lore-enforced play made things fresh and interesting again for a while. That brings us to circa-2007 or so, and it was at this point I passed guild leadership off to another and left SB. The guild did well as DBR, but eventually lost their city and reformed under a Chaos charter to get a change of pace.

The 'Eternal Guard' name came after our time in SB, when we decided to pursue other games as a group and needed a non-SB specific name (otherwise we would have returned to using Guardians of Aerynth). But, EG is clearly mostly influenced and spawned from our time in SB and in particular the GoA era.

Server Summary:
Death, Mourning, Lore

Closed Beta, WHAT?
To put it simply, the preview weekend brought some folks back to active status in the guild who had drifted away or been idle (despite us playing in several MMOs since SB). And, EVERYONE who got in had a blast and agreed that there simply hasn't been a game to replace what we had in SB. What do we intend for closed beta in SBEmu? Obviously we want to get in and play, and help test to bring things up to the point where there can be an open beta and "live" server.

I would say that with The Eternal Guard, SBEmu will get a veteran group of players that understands the game mechanics well enough to test, is good enough in the field to add some new competition for existing groups, and has leadership that is experienced in and enjoys the politics of SB (hooray forum-bane!) to a degree that will create some new dynamics on the server. We've run solo, we've been part of and helped form alliances, and we've done both sub-guilds and nation mergers.

Will we be a group that runs in with 10 people and dominates the battlefield and server? Unlikely. Will we bring in some RP flavor and be a lot more respectable and classy than the typical leet gank group? Definitely. Will we earn the respect of our foes and play to crush? Hell yes.

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