1h Axe/Shield HG Fighter Ranger

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1h Axe/Shield HG Fighter Ranger

Post by kymatius » Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:21 am

This is all from memory so trains and %'s are real close but may not be 100% accurate. One of my most successful Rangers was named Wuelfnite.

Tough as Nails
Tough Hide
Raised by Barbarians

Final stats
150 str
35 dex
140 con
66 int
25 spirit

in-game runes
Undeadhunter <--just for fun and extra damage

BC 115%
Axe GOLD @ around 150ish
Axe Mastery 100%
Block 130%
MA 100%

40 Wolfskin
40 Braillas Zeal
1 Mend Wounds
40 Turn Steel
5 Grasp of Thorns
1-20 Wolfs Vigor

20 Resist Pain
20 Beorc Rune
20 Ur Rune
20 Consencrate

around 4500 hps conc & self buffed O-stance
500ish stam

w/ boons & wolfskin 6700ish hp and in Precise you hit almost 2300+ atr.

1300 atr
160-580 1h damage

addition of #1 boons

1650 atr

addition of #1 boons & wolfskin

right at 1800 atr

Full resist MA including hood put this toon at 60/67/60 or something there abouts
Shield is personal choice pick a resist you are lacking and slap a 35% on it

This particular toon just used the Vorg axe/shield combo as it was right at the end of Live

12/12 str/con or 12con/resist rings
con/resist neck or 12/12 hr neck

At the end you have an extremely durable toon even when focus fired w/ resist jewels/massive regen/and 130% block.

Ideal gear would have been PoR or MoD Redeemer. Currently have a human version of this sitting at R6 who has gold block and parry along with resist gear and high regen. Surprisingly viable dps on both these guys especially w/ FW and a wolfskin expose....just need to time them right.

Huntress can also do this with a minor dps increase do to the 50%/-50 30sec damage/alacrity buff they have. Nearly same dps w/ commander and off stance w/ maybe a few higher top end damage but only 25 axe powers instead of lvl 30 for Ranger.

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