The Best Gimp Doomy to Ever Work

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The Best Gimp Doomy to Ever Work

Post by flyredguy » Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:19 am

Race: Human
Class: Healer
Profession: Doomy

Creation runes:
Wizards Apprentice
Military Training (for extra def and those few extra trains for other skills)
Born of the Irydnu
Brilliant Mind

In game runes:
30 con, 35 int
note: con could be dropped for higher dex but you would be even more squishy than you already are.

End Game Stats
Strength: 35
Dex: 40
Con: 125
Int: 165
Spirit: 35

LA: 154%
Block: 145%
Hammer: 100%C
Corruption: 115%

Blessed Mending: 40 (easily dropped. see last note.)
Unleash Blight: GM
Unleash Taint: GM
Vel'khev's Kiss: 10
Blind: GM
Sign of Vel'khev: GM
Blight of Throol'hroon Gen'aa: 1 train. add more if encountering regen characters often.
Leach of Souls: 1
The Black pact and the Crimson Pact: 1 each.
Green Death: GM
Kliszhenk's Doom: GM
Dread Curse of Veshteroth: GM
the PD debuff: 1
the healing resistance buff: 1

Should sit somewhere between 1700 and 1800 def in def stance.

Problem of course is damage as you loose alot in def stance

all +8 def la of your choice resistance
def shield
i took a peerless of truth hammer to try and get extra damage.
jewels: was thinking going int/corruption but with the crippled damage it may need to take 24 int jewels. would like feedback on this.

note: hammer was taken for extra dps (both crushing and procs) as well as extra def (~100?). this could be refined if those points would be better spent somewhere like corruption for extra spell dps/atr or la/block for higher def. would like feedback on this.

note: the 40 points in blessed mending could be dropped and put 1 point into the doomy heal. i havent seen the heal be useful in combat except after a fight is over and im trying to outlast a bleed. 1 point in the lowest resto doomy heal should do that trick. but im not sure at what resto it is unlock so i dont know if it saves many/any points going that route. could always leave it at 1 point int blessed mending and just hope you can survive.

by no means would this be used in banes or mines since youll be targeted first nearly always your suishyness and def stance would make you useless. this would mainly be used for small encounters (3-4 people) or open tree pvp, but it is extremely fun in those situations.

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