HG Sent Tank - Need help with build

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HG Sent Tank - Need help with build

Post by Ikuinen » Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:06 am

Hey guys. I'm looking for constructive criticism on this HG Sent Tank build I whipped up last night. I'm looking to use this guy as a sort of jack of all trades, while still putting out decent melee damage with high def and hp. Keep in mind, that I've only been playing on the server a few days, so I'm still getting my feet wet in terms of understanding how everything works. So go easy on me. :P Anyway, here's the build:

Race: Half Giant
Class: Fighter
Profession: Sentinel
Weapon: 1H Hammer / Shield

-Starting Runes-

Healthy as an Ox
Warlord's Page

-Applied Runes-

Constitution of the Gods
Bounty Hunter


STR: 105/150
DEX: 30/60
CON: 200/200
INT: 60/85
SPI: 20/55


Athletics - 100% (60 trains)
Toughness - 119% (79 trains)
Hammer - 100% (54 trains)
Block - 120% (69 trains)
Abjuration - 100% (74 trains)
Wear Armor, Heavy - 126% (90 trains)


Exalted Word of Binding - 40 (Grand Master)
Sentinel's Charge - 1 (Untrained) **Did one point just for snare break/immune**
Righteous Word of Binding - 40 (Grand Master)
Holy Word of Binding - 40 (Grand Master)
Dangiriel's Might - 40 (Grand Master)

Snowy Harpy
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Re: HG Sent Tank - Need help with build

Post by flyredguy » Wed Aug 27, 2014 12:26 am

i would at least drop the 2 starting con runes and put those points in int instead. if you want melee damage instead of magic/proc damage i'd drop even more con (to a +30 con at least) in favor of more strength. int will get you more def, spell damage, and proc damage.

dangriels might gives a +50% powerdamage buff and you have a 50% holy expose so even with only 85 int your procs and aoe's should do good damage.

abjuration needs to get to 115% for the "big bomb"

use a legendary of truth hammer even if you want physical damage.

make sure you know that the sent aoe's are pretty much point blank.

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Re: HG Sent Tank - Need help with build

Post by h338154 » Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:15 am

Not sure what your skills will cap at but I don't think the extra trains into heavy armor will mean much. Perhaps gold block instead and if your looking to put points into str than maybe some of those HA trains could go into hammer too to help with atr.

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