Aracoix staff lock

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Aracoix staff lock

Post by Equastro » Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:59 am

I thought I'd challenge myself into creating a somewhat viable melee aracoix warlock build and I think this could actually work.
(Of course I realize things like BM locks are superior, but they are too vanilla!)

I didn't create it yet. Numbers based off an improved version of Arkhanis calc (excel file).


-5 all
Lightning reflexes
Military training

End-game base stats:
50 str
165 dex (+35)
74 con
95 int (+10)
25 spi

LA - 152 - Gold (110 trains)
Warlockry - 121 (90)
Parry - 60 (10)
Staff - 137 (90)
Staff Mastery - 70 (23)

Battlemind - GM
Break Enchantment - GM
Mind Snare - GM
Psychic Healing - GM
Mind and Body One - GM
Psychic Shout - 1
Surpass Limits - 1
Mental Projection - 1
Dull the Mind - 1
Psychic Shield - 1
Dull the Body - leftovers (18)

Disc powers:
The Stare - 1
Embrace of the Overmind - 1
Strength of the Many - 20
Dance of the Updrafts - 20

8def raptor LA
20 dex rings or 10dex/10 warlockry rings
10 dex/5 all neck
legendary warlock staff of slaughter (once they actually fix legendary on staffs in beta)

End-game stats with the above gear, conc pot, mind & body one & 10dex/10 warlockry rings:
135 str
281 dex
159 con
155 int
85 spi

2812 hp
595 mana
392 stam

2093 def
1334 atr
126-485 dmg
1291 psychic shout atr

1461 def
1523 atr
155-595 dmg
1474 psychic shout atr

1744 def
2154 atr
126-485 dmg
2084 psychic shout atr

101-217 savant heal ticks
229-375 warlock heal

Obviously you get a little more def and damage with double dex rings, but you lose some melee & spell atr and lower returns on the warlock heal.

The toon would be played much like a BM lock. Although damage output would be slightly lower, it has some pro's over the BM locks:
- although no good passive defense, it has some nice healing ability
- although low con & thus stam, a much better stamina management with dance of the updrafts & the 30% stam heal
- natural flight
- a 20 second root and no weapon power bleed to break it, makes it hard for enemies to escape (especially when you consider natural flight & GM mind snare to catch up distances)

Again in no way a FOTM or a really good build. But it should be fun and challenging to play and one of only a few viable aracoix non-caster locks.

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Re: Aracoix staff lock

Post by Spoony » Mon Mar 10, 2014 8:52 pm

Use the savant staff so you can slap people with a hand on a stick IMO.

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Re: Aracoix staff lock

Post by tooshifty » Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:16 pm

more con less int.

ps u will get more like 2300def on that build.

also your lock heal will be much better and your savant heal will be much worse than what you have listed. that calculator is off its rocker.
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Re: Aracoix staff lock

Post by Telemakus » Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:51 pm

Problem with those builds is they just get eaten by something as common as a coix huntress.
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Re: Aracoix staff lock

Post by Badmoon » Fri May 02, 2014 2:34 pm

I wouldnt put any points in the savant heal and only 1 pt in the lock heal personally.
Id gm the debuffs, dull the mind and dull the body before worrying about the heals. I have a BM lock, and love it. But I think your too worried about defense on this one EQ. Your build here would be hard to kill but since you can fly, I think you should make a more offensive based toon;. If you get in trouble fly in the air, poop invlun and fly away. But spamming heals and stuff would be pointless imo. Just my two cents.
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Re: Aracoix staff lock

Post by coolstream » Fri May 02, 2014 9:15 pm

savant heal has a 6 second cast time, can't always stand around for 6 entire seconds to cast a spell
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Aracoix staff lock

Post by Bodlede » Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:04 am

ill need the money by the end of july so there is lots of time.
each shirt is 22

and with staff and the band =10 it amounts to about 220 with shipping

I will be talking gifts for the band as well like art work and what not.

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