OPP Avericia in the house!

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OPP Avericia in the house!

Post by Avericia » Fri Dec 11, 2015 4:30 pm

So I was sitting bored at work today and google'd SB. Found this forum. Is this for real? Any servers up? Whats the deal with Magicbane? I played on Mourning for the majority of my stint in Shadowbane. Fury was my main, but I can play anything. Had them all. Would love to give this a go again if possible. How do I install? I am not computer saavy with these programs at all, I need a link that just works with minimal things I have to do. Also, if its up, Ineed a PvP anywhere guild, no rules. IDGAF. Ill murder your noobs and camp your TOL! OPP 4 LIFE!

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Re: OPP Avericia in the house!

Post by Agamemnar » Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:52 pm

Sup Fam I remember you (and OPP) quite fondly.

Anyway basically you just download the newest sb client, then you patch that Skah! with the patch file that came with the folder, then you gotta go into your Config folder and modify the text in the ArcaneIP file to:

PORT= 6000

To tell you the truth it took me a while to figure out wtf was going on because all the links are thrown about the forum and disjointed, with old and wrong information for the config file all over the place (and I like consider myself a PC person through and through I still found it tedious to get started). Not to mention the default graphics settings that came with the client made me feel like it was 1999.

The emulator website needs to have the download button that sends you directly to the right file with CLEARLY VISIBLE updated instructions on how to install and connect. Forums are terribly confusing places and intimidating to new users who are used to doing things like going to an app store and hitting 'install'. Another gripe that may sound stupid but surely confuses some, it's not marked obviously before you start this whole process that you need to register for a forum account and have to use that account to log in once you've tinkered around with everything. The devs need to address the user friendliness of getting people to install this free game without turning them off before they even open sb.exe.

Then again I guess SB wasn't made for those types of spoonfed people to begin with :P

If you manage to get in game pm me it will be so lit tho fam, until an Asian zerg bukkakes your face while leveling.

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