Vampire Warlock Guide By: IbeSleepy Outdated

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Vampire Warlock Guide By: IbeSleepy Outdated

Post by cammey » Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:15 pm

Vampire Warlock Guide
By: IbeSleepy


With the release of ToO the magelock has been given more options than the vanila nukers we've all growen to love or hate in the past.

This is a vamp build, if you'd like a different race look at some other builds here.

Attributes and Starting Runes

Take 5 points away from strength, dexterity, and spirit.

For starting runes take:
Wizzards Apprentice - Being a vamp the -5 to con isn't such a big deal for the 10 int
Briliant Mind - 10 more int
Precise - 5% atr rating can make a big difference

In game take a 40 int rune and a 20-30 con rune. You're endgame stats should look something like this.

Int - 185
Con - 130 to 140

Spirit and dex may be worth using some points into, I've been holding off to experiment with it untill the new ability point refining comes in.


As a vamplock we're well off without many discs (the only one of real importance being Belgosh or Gorgoi), tho some can come in as handy support.

Traveller - As a mage the group runegate recall is great. Also training in three of the gates will get you about anywhere you'd want to go.

Commander - Stun break is about it unless you need a runspeed buff.

Belgosh - This grants Summon (which was restricted to healer bases before. A magic fortitude that resists most magic types other than fire and holy.

Battle Magus - Gives you a building damage spell, but without much in the way of sorcery wizzards and/or a dedicated battle mage will do much better with it, still worth putting 1 train into. What makes this disc nice is the aoe dispell elemental and magic effects (break enchantment can remove most of these effects already but this one is group friendly), tho it does require 40 trains to be effective.

Gorgoi - An aoe drain that's really only good durring the opening moments of battles (unless you have 4-5 gorgoi running in the group and then it's just devestating) A better fortitude than Belgosh. Ghoul transformation witch can be used as a buff (20 trains) or snare (1 train). Finally it grants a flight spell which we already have anyway.

Battle Magus - Grants a building damage spell that's worth putting a single train into (wizzies and battle magus bots will do much better damage than you will be able to with a low sorcery). The nice spell is the aoe dispell elemental and magic effects, very useful agenst those silly channies.


Warlockery - take this to 130% This is you're secondary nuke line at higher levels and main one up to around r4-r5.
Bloodcraft - I'd recomend taking this to 130% and applying you're vampire rune for the extra trains. This is going to be you're main damage line after getting leveled a bit, the more trains you can afford here the better.
Surpas Limits - 5-10 trains, used just to keep you're stamina up while flying
Mind Strike - 40 trains, you're secondary nuke and 3 sec stun (before vampires loveingly known as the stun imunity spell due to the 9 sec immune to stun attatched)
Psychic Shield - 40 trains, better for absorbing damage from those unarmed and dagger people than the forts are
Psychic Shout - 1 train, semi useful for poping thieves that are silly enough to get close
Shatter Will - 40 trains, mental debuff (this can be optional if you run with other warlocks all the time as you're main damage isn't mental)
Ignore the Old Order - 20 or 40 trains, our holy and fire resist is horrible so we need to counter it somehow
Break Enchantment - 40 trains, every warlock will live and die by this spell, exspecially when you can dispell debuffs from other mage classes
Phychic Healing - 20 trains, for emergency heals when you're drains don't land
Free Thought - 40 trains, 25 more int and other people will love you
Mental Projection - 1 train, you've got 10 secs to call for evac, make it count
Dark Fortitude - 20 trains, it does a better job at protecting agenst heavy mele than you're damage shield
Vampires Kiss - 20 trains, player only health drain, will be the second of you're line of nukes
The Lesser Kiss - 20 trains, another emergency heal when needed, it'll hit almost any pet that's around
Unnatural Fortitude or Uncanny Fortitude - 20 trains, which one you train depends on weather you take Belgosh or Gorgoi, this will be you're protection from other mages
The Blood is the Life or Bloodgift - 20 trains, agen dependent on the vamp disc you take, this will be you're primary damage type
Bloodgift - 20 trains if you take Belgosh, useful for keeping others alive durring the end of a close battle
Warding - just high enough to get the mage base stun and root (generally 10 trains or so).

Things to avoid

Personal Defense Buffs - You're a glass cannon with some very good spells to help keep you alive, you're also to straped for trains to get a good defense.

Mob Spells - Warlocks are one of the classes that get a bunch of mob controll spells, unless you're dealing a necro's pets, but I haven't run into any situations they'd be useful yet.

That's about it, training points are already strained to the breaking point, but warlocks do have some usefull things like snares and the mage base root if you can find enough trains for them.


I used to keep two sets of jewlery, one for mana regen and one set of resist for pvp. With a vamp you have the ability to wear resist/focus jewlery.

I perfer to wear +20 cold/fire/lightning +10 bloodcraft necklace, and two +30 fire resist +10 bloodcraft rings. These will give you a +60 fire resist and +30 holy with you're buff.

For a wepon try to get ahold of a +165 +10 bloodcraft staff if you can't, if not a +150 atr will still sufice.

As for you're cloth 4/4/2 is a very good choice, but I've been wearing +15 sorcery/warding robe and hood to get a decent atr on the warding base stun.

Battle Tactics

1v1 should be pritty easy save for barbs with natural flight or a mino that has some spare trains with bloodhorn. Depending on what you're up agenst be sure to have the proper fortitude or damage shield up. For non fire/holy casters you'll want to use a disc fortitude, for heavy meles such as barbs and warriors use Dark Fortitude, and for the unarmed/dagger people use Psychic shield (you won't be able to stack a fortitude and damage shield's with an upcoming patch if it hasn't been "fixed" already.)

In mid sized to larger battles the tactics will be the same most of the time. Hang back and let the heavy mele toons head in first, get a target from someone and kill it (target calling should start in 2v2 fights imho). You're cycle is a little different depending on how many hitpoints the target has, always open with you're two drains and then either mindstrike for softer targets or Shatter Will if they'll live through another round of nukes. Depending on you're main drain you'll either be casting mindstrike or you're first drain agen at this point. Never, ever forget that you have break enchantment, and have it hotkeyed to an easy key as it'll remove about anything other than blind and stun. You should burn through mages pritty quick even if they get a stun off on you, and tanks it's generally a matter of staying in flight while draining/nuking them.

Where you'll get into trouble is with super high def builds which are mostly sword and board fighter warlocks and templars. A quick use of you're one wepon power should let you get a couple drains or nukes off on them, going up agenst these templates can take awhile with they're high def and you're ability to steal they're health albeit a little slower than normal. Thankfully warlocks get a 40% atr boost with they're staff powers which means you can hit about anything with a little stylecasting (I know some people that don't like stylecasting as I used to, but since a devs come out and said it's a part of the game I've decided to roll with it.)

The stuff to just run from when alone are nephilim and aracoix barbarians, getting through 6k hp and another 5k from rage isn't easy, possible but not easy at all.

Also don't forget you have a short duration fast casting stun available agenst other low def people. You can cast it between nukes to break someones power they're using (barb rage, templar wings, channy bolts, etc.)

Played correcty the vampire magelocks are a force to be reconded with on the battlefield. Even tho they don't have the much loved siege ranged aoe they're still a purebread killer with more survivablilty tools at you're disposal than any other mage before you. Vampire wizzards are the closest race/class combo to you and they generally have 3 focus lines to use compared to our 2 which gives us some more options for our training point spread.

Final Conclusions

I've played magelocks since release and nothing really compares to a vampire. You're overall high starting stats and consistent replenishment of you're health durring combat, even with you're powers drawing from the health pool, can make a huge difference in you're surviveability.

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Re: Vampire Warlock Guide By: IbeSleepy Outdated

Post by travisdh1 » Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:54 pm

This thing is still around? I never did an update because after the nerfbat hit was around the time I started spending less time in SB....... what was wrong with me?

Course I've always been a little afraid I was one of the reasons the vamps got hit with the nerfbat so hard. Course calling my name out in /say did us a huge favor at the time...... even still it was a little crazy that I actually survived that assault.

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Re: Vampire Warlock Guide By: IbeSleepy Outdated

Post by Newtt » Mon Feb 24, 2014 3:27 pm


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Re: Vampire Warlock Guide By: IbeSleepy Outdated

Post by Marksman » Thu Jul 31, 2014 7:18 pm

Nice stuff.

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Re: Vampire Warlock Guide By: IbeSleepy Outdated

Post by grimj » Sun May 24, 2015 5:28 pm


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