Ranger Guide - Forest Warriors Outdated

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Ranger Guide - Forest Warriors Outdated

Post by cammey » Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:33 pm

By: Rakshasa_Claw
Ranger Advocate

Forest Warriors: Braialla’s Soldiers

When you think of dangerous classes in Shadowbane, Rangers are not one that immediately comes to mind. But that stems more from contempt about our life spans than an inability to deal significant damage. The current state of buff bots in Shadowbane does hurt Rangers because it makes most of our once unique self-buffing abilities available to anyone. However, with patience and ingenuity Rangers can become very deadly. Be warned though you will die; Rangers simply don’t have the physical resistances, stamina pool, defense, or hit points of the more popular classes.

Character Creation

I personally have always played Fighter Rangers. I’ve tried a few rogue rangers but I always end up deleting them due to how tight they are on trains. But with patience and a lot of hard choices you can make them into good solo PK characters. However, I will focus primarily on fighters.

• So, choose fighter as your class.
• I personally prefer humans, but humans, aelfborn, and elves could all make good rangers for this build.
• If you don’t choose elf, take ambidexterity.
• You can either take the sword runes or precise/lucky or the defense rune, I like the sword runes but they aren’t critical.
• Now, you can either choose to go with higher dexterity or higher constitution. I have done a few tests on Rangers with high(er) con, and have decided that I personally don’t think taking con above around 100-120 is worthwhile so I took Taught by a Master thief and Lightning Reflexes.
• You should take 5 points out of all your stats (except possibly dexterity) to get all the runes, and to raise your dex/con as high as possible.

Stats at 75
• Strength 35/95
• Dexterity 120/120-->160 (I will be taking a Dexterity of the Gods, but a smaller rune would probably work, or you could trade taught by a master thief out)
• Constitution 95/95
• Intelligence 75/100
• Spirit 35/100

Powers (be aware non-human Rangers won’t have as many trains and you’ll have to drop powers), I’ve spent my trains and stat points up to 75 for this guide but there are powers that wouldn’t hurt the template to drop that would let you stop at ~60-65
Sword: 90 trains ~139%
Sword Mastery: ~40 trains - 70% (I trained sword mastery because I wasn’t planning on taking Werewolf, so I wanted the weapon powers)
Beastcraft: 90 trains ~120%
Wear Armor, Medium: ~70 trains - 100% (if you want to go a purely defense route, train LA instead)
Turn Steel: GM
Wolf’s Vigor: GM
Serpent’s Strike: GM (if you have a buff bot, feel free to drop these trains)
Fleet of Foot: GM
Lion’s Bite: GM
Grace of the Stag: GM, if you take Werewolf then don't train this and JM the wolf forms from them.
Mend Wounds: 1 train
Herb Lore: 1 train
Race the Hare: possibly GM, but not required to have more than 1 train.
Grasp of Thorns: GM (yes, I’m actually going to train it)
Bite of the Pack: GM but only if you are planning to run with tanks and don’t have any bards, otherwise ignore it.
Wolfskin: 1 train

If you don’t like the Beastcraft powers I’ve trained you can alternatively train:
Feint: JM (I JM'd this for the extra Atr)
Find Weakness: JM

Taking this disc isn’t required, and I’m not sure that I will at the moment. But if you don’t train the Beastcraft powers, take this and JM Skin the Beast. You’ll need it to make your fellow Rangers and other were-form users cry.

Taking Beserker and/or Valkyr would also be good choices for the mini-rage and the attack buff but they are also optional.

Armor: Not a huge issue, but if you take MA I recommend going with 4/4/40 Hunting Chain, with +10 Dex/+40 stamina gloves, and +40 stamina windlords. If you decide you want to go LA, definitely go with +8/40 Hunting Leather, with +8def/+10 Dex gloves, and +8 def windlords… but if stamina becomes an issue feel free to trade one of those def prefixes for more stamina.
Jewelry: note that although you will be using Braialla Blades, Beastcraft jewelry is not a solid investment. I recommend +10 Dex, +10 Con, +30% stamina recovery rings and a +10 Dex, +5 all, +30% stamina recovery necklace. Double Dex rings would work (if you can find them), but since this template is on the low side of my preferred window for con, I think that supplementing it is better. Dex and Beastcraft rings would be a last resort as they aren’t that beneficial to you because your spell damage will always be horrid.
Swords: although Wolf’s Vigor is the best stamina recovery method in Shadowbane, it still isn’t particularly good. Stamina recovery as a whole is rather gimped in Shadowbane, so I would highly recommend using Warlord’s Braialla Blades of Slaughter. With your damage buff, and fighter offensive stance the warlord’s prefix gives a hefty boost to both swords. Using Legendary of Alacrity swords would possibly give a better damage boost, but the stamina drain will be enormous and Wolf’s Vigor only helps so much. The same thing is true of both Legendary of Slaughter and Warlord’s of Alacrity.


The first thing you’ll have to do is explain to your guild that you’re not crazy and also that you can’t ground fliers… no, seriously you probably will have to tell them one or both at least once… maybe once a day. You probably won’t be able to convince them that you’re not crazy but that’s ok.

But as for actual battle tactics, just be aware of your enemy. I don’t recommend charging Nephilim mages and attacking them as you lack a reasonable source of damage against them because they just fly. Against Neph mages provided they don’t fly up to the second tier, switch to defensive stance and hit your attack debuff and watch their nukes miss, if they are smart and fly up to a higher tier and still nuke you get out. If you don’t fight a lot of Neph mages you should be ok to just charge in with your groups/guilds melee characters, ideally hiding behind some barbarian, and raping their mages. If you train feint you should be capable of killing most rogues.

You will excel at tearing up high hit point fighters like Barbarians and Warriors, because they have no defense and probably will discount you as being some newb that doesn’t know which way up is. But if that warrior/barb realizes that you are killing him be prepared to become a target as you drop fast, and do damage comparable to any Barbarian or Warrior. Use Grasp of thorns, Fleet of Foot, and Race the Hare (possibly) to give you the edge in chasing down those pesky runaways.

If you’re looking for an omgwtf pwning character, then a Ranger is not what you’re looking for. We simply don’t have the necessary characteristics. But if you want a character that’s fun to play, gets underestimated daily, and is deadly (if a bit vulnerable) then a Ranger just might be the place you want to go.

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Re: Ranger Guide - Forest Warriors Outdated

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