Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide

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Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by cammey » Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:49 am

By: _Dain_
Barbarian Advocate

Barbarian Guide

Barbarians can be both fighter and rogue. While almost everyone picks fighter for their barbs don't count out the rogue's because I've seen some nasty ones in my day. This is an overall barbarian guide, not a how to make a 15k health half-giant barbarian or a chainsaw centaur. Therefore i will be talking about all possibilities, what works, what doesn't seem to work.

Strength - For most barbarians this will determine your damage unstyled, if you put too little and you will hit like a pansy.
Dexterity - Not a very good choice unless you're going dagger or unarmed rogue, or some other quirky build.
Constitution - Constitution is very important to a barbarian. Obviously it increases health a drastic amount. You can never go wrong with more constitution!
Intelligence - You will need some kind of int at least 35 to get 100% skills. Some might go higher like to 65 for more trains. It's all how you want to build the character. For rogue proc'ing toons you'll want higher int obviously.
Spirit - Any barbarian putting points into spirit needs a lobotomy.

Berserker - Not a bad choice. You get another rage but it won't give you a % heal or stun immunity. It gives constitution, dexterity and strength but decreases your defense by 50% which for most of us isn't a problem anyway. AoE slashing damage would be one of the very few ways to reveal a stealther but you have to practically be right on top of them. Strength of the Stag, is a personal stam recovery buff. I personally think it's not needed since you can use stamina potions after a battle or get a stam heal from a priest, or even get a stamina recovery buff from a prelate.
Blood Horn - Fantastic for all minotaur barbarians. The bleed weapon power Blood Horns is quite nice and lasts a very long time, I've seen it tick for 99 before, then again i've seen it tick for 16. They changed Blood Hooves a bit by not having it stack with sprint, but it still is a snare break and 25% speed increase so it's definitely not a bad choice. Blood Roar the single target ground and mana recovery debuff if trained doesn't need more than 5 points to ground unnatural fliers like channelers, warlocks, excetra.
Bounty Hunter - Mainly taken for track. The snare isn't too bad if you have the points.
Commander - Since the patch it's runbuff was taken away. The damage chant is nice for when you aren't running with a bard/crusader. The group stun break is nice for if your healers get a long stun on them you won't have to worry. Not needing a command rod at a bane is handy if nothing else and leadership is where you aren't going to put points .
Gladiator - Fantastic rune for a barbarian, a free heal and health regen power. Resist Pain is very nice for getting your resists up higher. Call the Crowd is an atr booster, if you have no other way to boost your atr other than spamming powers this might help you.
Huntsman - Mainly taken for track, but Skin the Beast power is nice for fighting all werebears/rats/wolves.
Prospector - Taken for claiming mines.
Rune Caster - Self heal, fighters have virtually no mana as is and you mine as well take gladiator. Rogues get a bit more mana but not enough to make it worth it without gimping your character. But it does give a nice 20str self buff aswell as a few trainable caster resist buffs, such as 20lightning, cold, fire buff, there's also a mental resist buff.
Saboteur - Rogue only. Mainly for siege characters if you want to train Infiltrate, Sabotage, Foul the Works.
Sapper - Fighter only. Again mainly for siege characters since they now changed balefume.
Skydancer - Awesome rune for all aracoix. Personal damage buff, constitution buff and stamina recovery buff.
Storm Lord - Pretty much useless at this point in time. Mostly for novelty if at all.
Summoner - Another useless novelty rune.
Undead Hunter - If you're a proccing barbarian it's not a bad choice since it gives you a temperary proc.
Valkyr - Excellent rune for Aelfborn and Human barbarians. The Attack buff is awesome for hitting high defense characters and the personal alacrity is useful if you find yourself without a buff priest or you have that many points left over.
Werebear - Not a bad rune obviously. You can reach top hitpoints taking this rune, however, most non weapon powers will remove you from the were-form, even snare / root breaks making werebears extremely easy to kite.
Wyrmslayer - It isn't a terrible rune but there are better out there. It would definitely make a unique character.

Aelfborn - Since last patch the Aelfborn barbarian moved up in the barbarian world with their of snare immunity that's castable while running.
Aracoix - Never a bad choice, with the skydancer rune and their stats they make a solid barbarian.
Centaurs - Centaurs with their natural speed and choice of runes make for a good barbarian.
Half Giants - The highest hit point barbarian is achieved with a half giant, and with their new racial rage are sure to become quite popular.
Humans - Humans aren't a bad choice. Tons of trains and balanced stats makes humans very versatile.
Minotaurs - Minotaurs are a nice choice for barbarian their stats reflect the class. The only thing they lack is a personal damage buff.
Nephilim - Nephilim's are the underdog of the barbarian world. With low starting con and other races having better stats / discs choices the nephilim has fallen to the wayside, although i have seen a build or two that has been nasty!

Class Powers and Trains
Weapon - This will be a huge factor in your attack rating.
Weapon Mastery - How high this is trained determines how many additional weapon powers, it also affects your attack rating but not as much as the base weapon line.
Medium Armor - Clearly the armor to train for resists, typically only trained to 77% or 100%.
Light Armor - Never trained unless you're going rogue defense base.
Toughness - Skill that raises your hit point total.
Athletics - Skill that raises your stamina pool.
Parry - By far the weakest passive defense, but it's still a way of mitigating incoming damage.
Dodge - Rogue only passive defense skill, vastly superior to parry since you can dodge throwing weapons and spells while parry can't.
Block - Barbarians with block will be significantly reduced in the dps department, however with a golded block your survivability goes up.
Battle Rage - GM this. if you don't know what it is... for shame.
Vengeance - I've never found it worthwhile to put more than 1 point into vengeance.
Shout - I've found that 17 trains in this the stun immune is the same time as the recast, but some people stick to just 1 train in this.
Battle Cry - AoE non player fear and snare... never train it.

Axes - Nice choice for all barbarians, right up there alongside hammers.
Swords - Sub par choice considering it doesn't get any stuns or power blocks and the weapon powers are only level 20.
Polearms - With level 15 weapon powers there are better options...
Spears - With level 25 powers it's not a bad choice I think you would have to take wyrmslayer to make it worth it.
Hammer - Another solid choice, awesome dps.
Unarmed Combat - Only viable on rogues basically.
Dagger - Only viable on rogue base really.
Throwing - Alot of barbarians have gone throwing, another solid choice. The most popular have been aracoix axe throwers and werebear hammer throwers. There have been rogue dagger throwing proccer's... but that's about as far as i've seen from throwing daggers.

Medium Armor - All barbarians unless you're rogue and going for defense should train Medium Armor for resists!
Light Armor - As mentioned... unless you're rogue defense base you're better off going medium armor.

Weapon, Armor, Jewlery Prefix's and Suffix's
2Handers - Peerless of Dispatch for maximum dps.
1Handers - depending on what kind of weapon you have Morloch of Ruin, Peerless of Ruin or Morloch of Dispatch are the most frequently seen weapons. My preference depends on the base speed of the weapon typically, but i'd say i most often go with morloch of dispatch.
Throwing - I tend to go Morloch of Dispatch on all throwers.
Shields - For a prefix the standard is 30 or 35 resist and then a +3 passive defense suffix or 15 more resist on the shield.
Medium Armor - 4/4/2.5 more resists the better for melee damage mitigation.
Light Armor - Since the only reason you would go LA over MA would be defense you'd want +9 defense for max defense.
Jewlery - I know a lot of people go stat jewlery but if you are doing banes and a lot of GvG the resists are better overall in my opinion. I typically take 45 fire / light and 75 holy since Bard's have Song of Spring. Now if you go stat that's a whole other discussion. Some people go con / con for a huge hps gain. Some go str / con for a balance of the two. Some people go stamina regen Some people go health regen. It's all personal preference.

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Re: Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide Outdated

Post by GenieHakeem » Thu Sep 20, 2012 9:53 pm

Very nice read and thorough. Gave me a few ideas and removed some questions I had.

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Re: Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by Telemakus » Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:33 pm

This needs some updating
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Post by Saal » Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:25 pm


You son of a Skah!...

The guides are SACRED! GTFO!
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Re: Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by ymazaki » Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:55 am

very nice.thanks :lol:

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Re: Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by Soundz » Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:42 pm

i like it

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Re: Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by SubZeroDeath » Sat Mar 30, 2013 3:18 am

Should be a neph.
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Re: Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by BhramaHieferson » Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:04 am

Mino Barbs FTW

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Re: Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by Wilson77 » Tue Oct 29, 2013 11:27 pm

Dain you are my hero

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Re: Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by djbingo » Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:55 am

awsome.it wil be fun

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Re: Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by baldeee » Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:53 pm

thanks for posting

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Re: Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by jackslater » Tue Nov 05, 2013 2:56 am


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Re: Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by Dain » Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:51 pm

Heh, can't believe people are still using this. I wrote this a looooong time ago. Still cool nonetheless i suppose.
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Re: Dain's Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by Marksman » Thu Aug 07, 2014 4:30 am

Dain wrote:Heh, can't believe people are still using this. I wrote this a looooong time ago. Still cool nonetheless i suppose.

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Dains Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by SvetlanaPecebefe » Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:02 pm

I love your style in making these guides, I will test this guide out on my next char.

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Re: Dains Starter Barbarian Guide

Post by tooshifty » Tue Mar 01, 2016 6:11 pm

SvetlanaPecebefe wrote:I love your style in making these guides, I will test this guide out on my next char.
there have been changes since this post. For instance not many barb powers break wereform. The aoe stun and vengence break form, but now wereforms can use pots and many other things without breaking form. Skills dont break form, spells do.
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