Shroud of Ardan - 2.1 - The Relaunch

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Shroud of Ardan - 2.1 - The Relaunch

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Shroud of Ardan - 2.1 - The Relaunch

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Relaunch Date: Jan 5th, 2018. Time 9PM EST

Hail and well met!

After our last server launch, it was apparent we needed to pivot the approach taken to this project. As you can see from the notes below, they are drastically different when compared to existing launch notes. This patch is primarily focused around stability and bug fixes, and we hope the community is receptive to our new approach. We are excited for the future of this project, as we continue to move forward we expect to re-enable content such as Outposts and FC Hotzones, however would like to see what our recent changes have done for Server Performance. This game and project is focused around the community, without the player-base there is no game. With your help we can improve this experience and grow our population!

For a list of content changes between classic 24.3 Shadowbane and this Emulator, please see this post.

Major System Functionality:
  • Launcher and patcher has been architecture to prevent errors upon logging in. Additional logging has been implemented to help diagnose issues.
  • Movement Manager (Movement/Melee Sync) have been improved, while this is difficult to test at scale, improvements have been made. We welcome feedback!
  • Combat Manager has been re-written to clean up and optimize code.
  • Chat System has been re-written to clean up and optimize code. This change removed tens of thousands of unnecessary database calls that were happening previously.
  • Group Manager has been re-written to clean up and optimize code. This change removes thousands fewer database calls each hour.
  • NPC Management has been re-written to clean up and optimize code.
  • City Asset Management has been re-written to clean up and optimize code.
  • Deposit/Withdrawal and Item rolling has been re-written to clean up and optimize code.
  • Forum integration issues have been corrected that could cause players to receive incorrect error messages during log-in.
  • Database has been cleaned up, information no longer applicable to this server has been removed.

Architecture Changes:
  • Migrated to improved hardware and faster network connection.
  • Updated core applications to supported versions.
  • Implementation of log aggregation tools.
  • Discord integration - Mines, PVP, Banes & Disc Droppers will now post into the Shadowbane Emulator discord channels.

Bugs Closed as Resolved
  • World Issues
    • PvP incorrectly allowed in Uthgaard (Noob Island) Safe Hold
    • Errors when attempting to create guild charter on Uthgaard
    • Incorrect amount of cities per zone
    Inventory & Looting
    • Unable to loot certain items on Player Corpses
    • Upon Death existing inventory displays in bank
    • Tomb of ID not working
    • identity scroll unable to cancel
    • Scroll of ID not working
    Stats & Runes
    • Tears of Sadron unable to remove Stat Runes (Legendary Intelligence etc)
    • Tears of Saedron not removing certain discipline runes (Bounty Hunter)
    Guild & Asset Management
    • Opening Tree of Life requires Server Reset to reflect
    • Error message Info: None’s Magic Mine is being attacked
    • Guild crests will not set to friends list on asset menu
    • Guild crests will not set to condemn on asset menu
    • When player leaves guild, no leave guild message in guild chat
    • Spawning at incorrect bind point after changing tags
    • Maintenance on Barracks Reflects 0 gold needed
    • Plain of Ashes mine not producing resources correctly
    • Expansion Mines continue to produce past maximum
    • Holding more mines than Tree of Life rank permits
    • Equipment de-equiping after server reset
    • Powers and Spells requiring more than minimum requirement to cast
    • Untrained spell and powers after Server Reset
    • Abandon Asset & City Guard Clean-Up
    • Abandon TOL & Guards reflect old tags, attack new tags
    • Guard Management Window not functioning
    • Guard and Magister Captains Reflecting as R1 on R6/7 barracks
    • Guards Attack Guild/Nation after Winning Bane
    • Guards Not Cleaning Up (despawning)
    • Mass Amounts of Guards
    Item Rolling
    • Incorrect “insufficient resources” message during item rolling
    • Incorrect Error Messaging on item rolling
    Shrines & Divine Favor
    • Twilight Relic not applying Boon on Huntress Shrine
    • Briar Seed not applying boon on Barbarian Shrine
    • Briar Seed not applying boon on Assassin Shrine
    • Crusader Boon Not Applying to player
    • Elite Gear not able to be repaired
    • Elite Gear takes damage upon death, no longer decays per death
    Powers & Effects
    • Error code being thrown around aid to the injured (RIF Revert)
    • Unarmed Thunderstrike not applying weapon power effect
    • Dance of Ten Thousand Cuts not applying weapon power bleed
    • Naargal's Bite & Run Through not able to be used after relogging
    • Recall to Runegate not working sporadically
    • Using the /ignore command does not return a list of players ignored

Tax System
  • Full implementation of R8 Automatic Taxation System – During the RIF stage this was planned and partially implemented. There are 3 layers of “auto” taxation: Mine Production, Sales Tax, Farm Tax

    Mine Production
    • A version of this was previously on the server, but Mine Production takes a cut of resources produced and automatically deposits them into the Warehouse of the R8 city
    • Rates vary by Realm Charter Type: Belligerent (5%), Mercantile (15%), Feudal (10%)
    • Resource tax has a minimum of 1 so the target rate above is ignored if there would be a fractional unit. For example, when mine production only produced 10 units, a Belligerent Realm will get 1 unit of tax and the mine holder will get 9 units.
    Sales Tax
    • Sales Tax is calculated when a player purchases goods or services from NPCs, including training
    • Sales Tax is designed to include Safehold cities.
    • Rates vary by Realm Charter Type: Belligerent (5%), Mercantile (10%), Feudal (5%)
    Farm Tax
    • Removed the farm tax that was currently depositing player farming into their guilds Warehouse directly
    • Gold deposits are made at the point of looting
    • Rates vary by Realm Charter Type: Belligerent (10%), Mercantile (15%), Feudal (5%)
    • Includes all players looting in the realm (not just guild members)
    Other benefits and drawbacks detailed in the original post have been implemented (e.g. Asset Hitpoint modifiers, upgrade time modifiers, rolling rates, etc.)

Balance Changes
  • The following balance changes has been completed based on community feedback.

    Hide - This will allow rogues to use their perma-invis ability, Sneak, at greater convenience, based on complaint we have received.
    • Cooldown reduced from 60s to 20s
    • Renamed Hide to Sneak

    Caster Stealth - Mage stealth was mistakenly not also reduced in movement speed to match the Hide reduction in the previous patch. This has now been normalised - rogue and caster perma invis should feel similar.
    • Movement speed reduction increased from -5% to -20%

    Bounty Hunter & Black Mask
    Detect Hidden - The intent for these changes are to level the playing field for rogues a bit - rewarding rogues that react to other character's use of Detect Hidden, and also reducing the potency of Detect Hidden in fighting other rogues, as it will reveal both players, adding a slight amount of risk to the power when used to 'surprise'. Rogues will feel a bit more safe when in Stealth as a result, with greater downtime for this ability.
    • Completing the cast of Detect Hidden now dispels Stealth effects
    • Duration increased from 20s to 30s. (+10s)
    • Cooldown increased from 180s to 300s. (+120s)

    Mend Wounds - Mend Wounds gave Rangers too much sustain in small scale. These adjustments should reduce the healing per second, capacity to spam the skill and widen the cast time to allow the spell to be stunned more easily.
    • Heal scaling changed from "18-28 to 53-82 from PR0 to PR40" to "25-29 to 60-70 from PR0 to PR40"
    • Mana cost increased from 40-70 to 55-85. (+15)
    • Cast time increased from 2.0s to 2.5s (+0.5s)
    Grasp of Thorns - Grasp of Thorns dealt too much damage due to the generally unresisted nature of Bleeding damage. We've removed that, as well as the initial tick doubling and made the damage much more consistent and less 'chunky'. We are considering reducing the Range of this ability and making it more aligned with use on melee Rangers / adding an element of risk to its use on ranged Rangers, but we will keep a close eye on this.
    • Bleeding component removed.
    • Initial tick damage is no longer doubled.
    • Damage changed from "-10 to -18" to "-12 to -16" - all as Piercing

Elite Gear

Known issues:
  • Height Maps - The server currently does not know if you are swimming and movement speed is not adjusted properly. While your client will show you slowed down, you are still moving at full speed and will port forward. This is a long term goal to fix properly.
  • Trees not terraforming properly - If this happens please make a post on the forums with your tree coordinates and we will correct the plant location.Note - This may take a server reset to reflect properly.
  • Going errant on Noob Island - Last phase we ran into issues with sporadic logins causing you to go errant. We have opened up re-pledging back to Noob Island until a root cause can be identified.
  • Sporadic SB.exe after opening new guild charter - Upon relog you should be able to create guild charter successfully.
  • Losing a realm will cause will require a server reset prior to re-claim.
  • Abandoning a tree of life will cause guards to continue to attack, please dismiss guards prior to abandonment
Dupe Bounty:
Paying $50 for any confirmed dupe. Only one reward per dupe, if the same dupe is submitted multiple times it will be based on the earliest time stamped private message.

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