8/26/2018 Hotfix

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SBE Team
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8/26/2018 Hotfix

Post by chimpy » Sat Aug 25, 2018 3:06 pm

Series of Database updates to correct issues with some Cities, these will reflect after 8/26/2018 reset:

1. Helped Romeo spell "Trump" (not like that name isn't in the news...)
2. Fixed Terraform for: Naples
3. Fixed Terraform for: Mori (Moved to Valid Location)
4. Fixed Terraform for: Rulers of Corruption (Moved to Valid Location)
5. Fixed Terraform for: King's Rock
6. Fixed Terraform for: Rainsbow End
7. Fixed Terraform for: Monix's City (Moved to Valid Location)

Patched an issue with Binding / Recall / Respawn. If you were previously having issues with this, please bind at a tree after reset. Looking for feedback if this continues to be an issue. Post in the #report-bugs-here channel on Discord.


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