Project and Social Media Update 9/1/11

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SBE Team
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Project and Social Media Update 9/1/11

Post by Daymar » Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:13 am

As we enter September, we've had a nice amount of new work done for an update and the project is coming along smoothly.
Development Team
Along with a large amount of bug fixes, some of which were caused by the new database structure, Rich has been working on fixing the placement and loading of player cities. A debug command has also been added for testing purposes, along with various other feature additions such as /random and prefixes and suffixes for looted items. He has also finished implementing runegate travel, and hotzones.

Papah has finished implementing the structures for several functions such as the ability to create buildings from asset contracts, hireling windows, manage city window, guild syncing according to city owner, tree of life status window, NPC management and other functions within those systems. Disband Guild now allows the GL to remove his guild from the world server as intended. All guild members will become errant upon disband.

Claymore has continued work on the admin panel and website that will make it easier to monitor the servers and keep them up and running properly.

Design Team
Adron has been the most active member and has contributed in several different areas such as the testing of powers, mobs and formulas. He's also started work on the mob editor in order to properly equip mobs and ensure all of their stats, such as resists, ATR, DEF and other specifics are what they should be.

General information gathering and discussion has occurred on different areas such as building maintenance costs and building hit points and other areas of player cities and vendor rolling tables. Papah should have vendors and city building information entered in and working in the near future.

Test Team
Testing has begun in earnest, and already many areas have been covered. The team, along with new additions Tybalt and Magnus, have been checking powers, mob experience rates and stats, loot tables, general game formulas such as passive defense and damage shields and other areas. The new testing forums have already started to accumulate a decent amount of entries and Rich has been fixing them as they're posted.

New additions to the Test Team are currently being considered, so keep an eye out for that. If you would like to submit an application to join the Test Team, send a PM to Silk.

SBEmu Twitter and Facebook
A message from Tybalt:

I've currently taken over the Twitter and Facebook for SBEmu!!! Follow @sbemu and Like Sbemu in order to start receiving work logs, updates and announcements straight to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. I'll be using mostly the Twitter account to release information as stated above throughout the day. Remember guys, the more people that follow @sbemu, the bigger exposure it gets to the outside community, and those whom aren't aware that this project is out there.

The Facebook account is going to be used more for screenshots, and media based updates, as well as being able to communicate in another way besides the forums. If anyone has any questions or suggestions, I'm more than happy to address them. You'll begin seeing information immediately. Thanks.

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