State of the Bane Q3 2013

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State of the Bane Q3 2013

Post by Rewen » Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:12 pm

Fall is here and so is a new State of the Bane!

New Team Members
We've added 4 new team members this quarter!

Please welcome Phylor to the test team. The design team has recruited the keen eyes of Vandarr and StylesP, and ZooksQFT has joined as a moderator, welcome aboard!

Progress Report
Now, let's have a look at what the teams have contributed to the game this quarter!
The Dev team have made real strides in bane stability and are beginning to forge their way into mine territory as well. Here is the SVN change log for the past few months
07/10/2013: 5452 - RichV: More work on mines. Adding mob/shrine tribute.
07/10/2013: 5453 - RichV: Added scaling to mobs.
07/10/2013: 5454 - RichV: Work on mine times. Fixed Manage Asset Window default window to show proper information.
07/10/2013: 5455 - RichV: Can now set mine times. Mines show correct times on map. More work on mob tributes.
07/10/2013: 5456 - RichV: Fix for late mine time being wrong on set mine window.
07/24/2013: 5457 - RichV: More work on mines.
07/24/2013: 5458 - Kazbah: Patch for Bug #000552 Can slot Wall Archers
07/24/2013: 5459 - RichV: Added manage mine window functionality.
07/24/2013: 5460 - Papah: Fixed a bug in Send All Effects.
07/24/2013: 5461 - RichV: database update.
07/24/2013: 5462 - Papah: Fixed Infiltrate Bug which blocked teleporting with noTeleport spire on. Fixed Warehouse bug for max resources.
07/24/2013: 5463 - Kazbah: Patch for Bug #000637 Maladur, an Elven Sentry
07/24/2013: 5464 - Papah: added a cmd to enable/disable translocate window. Fix for random double teleporting.
07/30/2013: 5465 - RichV: Added door lock/unlock (persists past server down). Doors now auto-close after 30 seconds.
07/30/2013: 5466 - RichV: Adding missing file from last commit.
07/30/2013: 5468 - Papah: Fixed an issue with effects not always applying to new loaded characters on screen. Loading a new player will no longer show their effects being casted on them.
08/15/2013: 5469 - Kazbah: Patch for Mantis Task #000638, 0639, 0640 Create Racial Builders
08/15/2013: 5470 - Mazgu: When looting an item, the group info message now displays the correct statement.
08/15/2013: 5471 - RichV: Added Builder/Steward inventory list. NPC inventory is now determined by rank. Added more transaction logging. Requires sql update.
08/15/2013: 5472 - Creating Model Viewer folder
08/15/2013: 5474 - RichV: Racial trainer fix.
08/15/2013: 5475 - RichV: Model Viewer update.
08/15/2013: 5476 - RichV: Bug fix with buying.
08/15/2013: 5477 - Mazgu: Find Weakness is now removed by powers that "dispell debuff". Fixed spelling errors regarding +10 stat runes. Requires SQL Update.
08/15/2013: 5478 - RichV: Fix for buildings not transferring in capture bane. Summoning now checks safe mode at the beginning. Building invulnerability is now calculated on demand. Added Asset Management check. Fix for bane default calculations.
08/15/2013: 5479 - RichV: Fix for building invul work.
08/19/2013: 5480 - RichV: Work on protection. Fix for attackers placing siege equipment on inner grid before banes live.
08/19/2013: 5481 - RichV: Bug fix on protection update.
08/19/2013: 5482 - RichV: More work on protection lists.
08/19/2013: 5483 - Kazbah: Patch for Mantis Task #000638, 0639, 0640 Create Racial Builders V2
08/27/2013: 5484 - RichV: Debugging for banes.
08/27/2013: 5485 - RichV: Update for siege building protection handling.
08/27/2013: 5486 - Kazbah: Patch for Mantis #598- Inner Council cannot invite
08/27/2013: 5487 - Kazbah: Patch for Mantis #598- Inner Council cannot invite
08/27/2013: 5488 - Mazgu: Sentinels may now train Great Sword Mastery
08/27/2013: 5489 - RichV: Adjustment on bane timezones for test server. Work on warehouse depositing.
08/27/2013: 5490 - RichV: Added item resync functionality.
08/27/2013: 5491 - RichV: Fix for banestone vulnerability.
08/27/2013: 5492 - RichV: null error fix for mob AI.
08/27/2013: 5493 - RichV: Better null fix for AI.
08/27/2013: 5494 - RichV: Fix for GL not being able to do some IC functions.
08/27/2013: 5496 - RichV: Revert of effect sync fix to test fury AOE's.
08/27/2013: 5497 - RichV: Reverting the revert on Fury AOE's.
09/01/2013: 5498 - RichV: Can now dynamically update mob levels.
09/01/2013: 5499 - RichV: Build error fix.
09/01/2013: 5500 - Kazbah: Patch for Mantis Task #000691 Ab trainers unable to train
09/01/2013: 5501 - RichV: Rework of regen job to improve performance.
09/01/2013: 5502 - RichV: A fix for regen update in last revision.
09/01/2013: 5503 - RichV: Gold transaction work. Can now repair buildings. Requires sql update.
09/01/2013: 5504 - RichV: Bug Fixes: Errant Nation Chat (629), IC/Recruiter issues (630)(574), Nation MOTD(608), Banestone Placing Outside City Grid(717), Can't Transfer Guild Leadership(490).
09/01/2013: 5505 - RichV: Adding delay before buildings can be damaged due to bane after a server restart.
09/09/2013: 5506 - RichV: Added missing charters. Updating TOL name now updates zone and city (at least in DB).
09/09/2013: 5507 - RichV: Bug Fixes: spells missing not drawing aggro, Various Track issues (313), Strigoi applying with Belgosh (711)
09/09/2013: 5508 - RichV: Necro pet fixes. Warehouse placement fixes. Spire fixes.
09/09/2013: 5509 - RichV: Added 24 hour wait on re-banes.
That is a TON of work. Can we give these guys a hand!? Nice work! At this time, there are only about 20 bugs left to iron out before this system can be called finished.
The Testing team have been almost entirely focused on testing bane mechanics since the team began to focus on banes around three months ago. The coordination between testing and development has been amazing. In fact, it has been the shortest turn-around time for bug fixing so far in SBemu's history. Over the past three months, the test team have found or updated 40 bugs. This is about 30 lower than last quarter, a good sign that things are beginning to shape up nicely. Thank you testers all for all you do!

When there aren't any bane mechanics that need testing, the test team have been further auditing class and discipline power bugs to improve stability of combat.
Rivalries in closed beta couldn't be hotter now that the threat of losing a city looms. We have even brought in another moderator to help keep the closed beta forums in order due to all of the Forumbane happening! All of this excitement in CB makes one wonder just how intense things are going to get when mines are released.

We also want to take a moment to give the public some insight on how abuse is handled in closed beta. There was an incident involving gold and resource duping during this quarter. Some players found dupes and reported some of them, but continued to use these and others for profit. The bugs were quickly fixed, but damage had been done already.

The administration takes this sort of thing very seriously. They responded by freezing the accounts of everyone suspected to be involved. Every item in the game has a paper trail and can be traced back to its origin, so it was a simple matter of finding the guilty parties. Their accounts were banned, and all of their ill-gotten gains have been deleted from the game world.

Essentially, this is what the closed beta environment is for. We want to weed out these issues before this is a live game. This example and also the rewards offered for reporting these bugs (dupes in particular) will serve to remind those in closed beta how much something like this hinders the speed of development. Our vision is a Shadowbane free of bug exploitation, and with the tools already at our disposal, this is easily attainable.
As noted above in the development area, the design team now has the use of a new tool they didn't have before: customizing mob levels. Before, they relied on finding a mob of the right type in the database. Now they have more freedom to make PvE smoother, and also to introduce some new concepts to keep you awake while you get to max level. Among these are tweaking mob attributes such as resistances or health to widen the types of mobs camps found in the world.

Design have also re-evaluated some of the low-value macro zones in the world and are in the process of testing a revised versions. Wouldn't it be nice to not sigh in disappointment when Ashfell Plains becomes the hotzone?

Finally, design will be testing a new experience curve: one that gets you up to about level 50 quickly, and then slows down once you get there. The goal for this change is to make high-level zones wonderful prowling grounds for opportunistic PvP.


This is not a very long SOTB since there are weren't any big revelations to make like last quarter. However, I recommend you stay tuned for further announcements. There will be some big events coming soon that you will all want to be a part of.

Thanks for reading, and play to crush!

Questions? Comments? Discuss here!


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