Beta Invites for New Guilds

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Beta Invites for New Guilds

Post by Vervandi » Wed Oct 23, 2013 9:40 pm

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Monday, November 4th.
New Guild Invites

The staff would like to extend an invitation to all guilds who currently have no presence in closed beta to please apply for access. Particularly, we are looking for reputable guilds who would be interested in forging their own way in the world, to provide more competition for the existing guilds and nations in closed beta.

So, let's get straight to the point. Here is how you can submit your guild for consideration.

1. The acting Guild Leader will make a post in the "Recruitment: Test and Beta" > "Guild CB Invite Submissions" forum with the following format for the title: Guild Name - (Guild contact name)

2. Contained in this post, should be the following information:
  • a. A brief introduction, telling us about your guild's history, including what servers you were active on as a guild.

    b. Your intentions for Closed Beta. Everyone who wants in closed beta wants to PVP and wants to test things. Give us a little more than that.

    c. A list of your current guild members (Forum Usernames) who would want to play in closed beta.

The Selection Process

Guilds with members who have been registered on the forum before 2013 will have priority in the selection process.

We're not looking for guilds whose ambitions stop at "subbing to a large nation".

We're looking for people who will be active and fairly independent. Mines will be a major focus in the future, and we need guilds to test the various aspects of mine acquisition and management.

Don't miss this opportunity to get your guild into closed beta. Apply now, and help us move the testing forward so we can get this project ready for open beta, and eventually live!


Any questions or comments can be made in the discussion thread found here.

Monday, November 4th.

Here are the new guilds that will be joining CB!
Firmament -- 24 members
Arirang -- 16 members
18SG -- 16 Members
Jellyfish -- 24 members
Knights of Silvermoon -- 24 members
Paladins of Sanction -- 24 members
Mithril Warhammers -- 24 members
ODB -- 24 members
Unbelievably Awesome -- 24 members
Black Crown -- 24

Small guilds:
Crash 10
Crime Syndicate 10
Dark Rain 10
Death Corps 10
Head Hunters 10
Nuumah's 10
The Revelation 10
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