SBEmu Milestone & Preview Update!

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SBEmu Milestone & Preview Update!

Post by Daymar » Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:11 pm

Milestone and Preview Update

Hello SBers!

I'm sure you have all noticed lag and issues ingame tonight on our preview, and I'd just like to take a second to apologise for that. I hope that you continue with us through this preview as we fix those issues. In the future, we'll have increased bandwidth and more efficient server code, largely thanks to issues uncovered by this preview, so these issues shouldn't occur in Open Beta for example.

In any case, the reason we're having such bandwidth issues is due to the amazing fact that we have officially reached 900 active ingame characters at once, which is a milestone and an achievement in itself. It shows how willing and determined the community is to see Shadowbane renewed, and to help the project succeed in testing and meeting its goals. Thank you for making tonight and our project possible!

I hope you stay with us through these issues while we work on solutions, I can tell you that we have the best people on it. We're coming up with solutions and testing them as we speak.

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