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SBEmu Public Announcement

Post by RedOctober » Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:28 am

Before getting into the details, I'd like to take a moment and welcome everyone to this project. We truly appreciate the dedication this community has shown to Shadowbane and our efforts to resurrect the game we all love. Only with community support have our efforts thus far been met with success, so thanks for sticking with us!

This "new" Shadowbane Emulator project has existed for awhile now, but recent events have prompted us to finally go public. One thing that the members of this project all have in common, other than that we all enjoy Shadowbane, is that we strive to put the community's interests above all else. Recently another project aimed at (more or less) reproducing Shadowbane has made an announcement that we find troubling, and ultimately indicates that the project is not going in a direction that will serve the interests of the community at large. In particular we do not feel the request for money to fund the Play to Crush project is legitimate, nor do we feel it is truly necessary, particularly in light of the lack of transparency in said project. We also feel that the project deviates too greatly from the original goals that brought everyone together, which we wish to preserve.

Ultimately these things, among others, have lead us to announce the existence of the SBEmu project. You may notice that there are a number of old faces on the team here, including Claymore, Otlichno, RichV, and Daymar. For a full list of the current SBEmu team, please refer to the team roster sticky. While not everyone will necessarily approve of every team member, we feel that all members of the current team are completely dedicated to the project and have the best interests of the community at heart. That being said, we always welcome community input and will pay close attention to what you have to say.

We understand that there will likely be numerous questions as a result of this announcement, and will strive to do our best in answering them thoroughly and in a timely manner. Please feel free to post whatever questions you have, but as always, we ask that things are kept civil. You may find that some of the basic questions have already been answered in the SBEmu FAQ, which has been updated with a number of questions pertaining to this project.

Now on to a more traditional update on what we are doing with SBEmu. The never-ending quest to track down and eradicate bugs continues - we've been working on fixing bugs in formulas, powers, skills and various display issues with gear not properly synchronizing with the server. We now have accurate formulas for both spell and melee damage, so these numbers now accurately reflect those seen on SB Live. More notably, the developers have been working on a new cache server which we predict will significantly increase performance by decreasing the amount of bandwidth used. The new cache server is nearing completion, and we hope to have it running for a preview in the not-so-distant future.

Those on the design side of things have been at work on an Environment Index, which (among other things) will include a Spawn Index that holds spawn information on every spawn in the game. Spawn information will include a list of mobs, gear drops, screenshots and descriptions of the spawns. Another feature of the Environment Index is the NPC Index, which will contain very specific information on every mob in the game. Currently we do not have a release date for the Environment Index, but once it is finished it will be released on the Morloch Wiki.

Finally, please bear with us during this time of transition. The forums are a work in progress, and because the forum software here is different than what the team is accustomed to using, it will take time for us to adjust to. Expect numerous changes to the forums and website over the next several weeks as we get everything worked out. As always, we're open to suggestions, so please feel free to post them in the General Discussion forum.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we'll see you all in game soon!

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