City Building and Team Update 10/18/11

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City Building and Team Update 10/18/11

Post by Daymar » Tue Oct 18, 2011 9:38 pm

City Building
The major exciting announcement is that Trees of Life are now able to be planted by using a guild seed which terraforms the area into a city grid. Buildings, vendors and trainers are able to be placed through the asset management window. All items, weapons and armor have been added to the vendor lists. The Test Team has been tasked with testing all of this out to make sure it's all working correctly.

Here are some screenshots of a new player city:

New Team Members
There have also been some new team members added to the Test and Development teams to help out with the project.

Development Team: Malenx and Boostershots

Test Team: Thor, Moco, Kidsmeal, FeiBloodmoore

New test team members will continue to be added as they are integrated into the current team and as we move into larger group vs group oriented testing. Send Test Team Lead Silk a PM if you want to request an application to the team.

Development Progress Updates
Here's a summary of work logs on the development and design side of the project since the last announcement on 9/1/11, in case anyone missed them in the work logs forum.

  • Cleaned up NPC contracts list.
  • Fixed stun, power block, drain and snare immunities to correctly work on mobs.
  • Walk paths in building breakdowns.
  • More work on building breakdowns. Now have /stuck positions, npc slot positions, walkpaths, meshes and door info broken down.
  • Bounding box calculations.
  • Added summoned pets.
  • Added charm mob powers.
  • Linked login server with forum accounts.
  • City Building
  • Cities now load after planting a Tree of Life. No longer needs Server Reset.
  • Updated Create City Function to properly handle the Tree of Life. Client only Creates City on the fly if you place the asset while it is Green.
  • Building Contracts now are successfully removed from a Player's Inventory after Building Placement.
  • NPC Management
  • Clicking on Create Item inside each vendor will bring up the correct items list.
  • All Prefixes and Suffixes list added for Create item.
  • All Racial vendors now use their personal effects list as it was back on live.
  • Prefixes and Suffixes are now filtered correctly per item type.
  • Fixed the issue where the client would only read one type of Equipment Effects.
  • Item Equipment Types now match Effect Equipment Types to roll. This fixes the bug where Windlords could be rolled on any type of equipment.
  • Added Resource collection from Guild Warehouse.
  • Added Random rolling.
  • Added Create Multiple Items Function.
  • Added Resource Rolling.
  • Added Rolling Timers.
  • Added Upgrade Costs per Rank.
  • Added Maintanance Costs per Rank.
  • Added Vendor Inventories.
  • Hirelings
  • Adding a hireling to a building via contracts now updates the manage asset window.
  • Hireling Contracts
  • Added Building Types for Hirelings.
  • Clicking on an Empty slot inside the Asset Management Window now shows the correct
  • Hireling Types Available for that specific Asset.
  • Weaponsmith and Armorsmith Hirelings are only allowed to be placed inside buildings that have a Subtype: Forge.
  • Item Creation
  • Identified View Resoruces Structure for Item Creation.
  • Started Building Item Creation Process.
  • Extracted All Resource Item Hashes.
  • Asset Management
  • Added TOL Protection for buildings.
  • Added Gold Deposit Function.
  • Added Maintanance Jobs.
  • Added Building Tax Jobs.
  • Added Upgrade Costs per Rank.
  • Added Maintenance Costs per Rank.
  • Upgrade Building now works 100%. //includes Upgrade Cost/Duration.
  • Building Strongbox Deposit/Withdrawl now works 100%. //includes max strongbox/player gold Checks.
  • Warehouse
  • Identified Lock/Unlock Resources.
  • Identified Current/Max Resources.
Design Team
  • fixing mob aggro to PC races.
  • corrected mob atr/def numbers.
  • setting mob resists to correct templates (mino irekei etc)
  • Work on customization of mobs (minos, elves so far) w.r.t. resists, immunities, equip, aggro rules
  • Identified erroneous ID and items listed in vendors
  • Isolated and categorized percent weapons for vendor use
  • Updated AllItems.xls

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