Recruiting Advocates!

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Recruiting Advocates!

Post by Starfish » Sun May 04, 2014 12:41 am

Introducing the Advocate System!

Greetings all! To kick off the month of May we're beginning to start up the Advocate program. We previously announced the advocate program here in the announcement boards, to read up on that - click here.

The advocate program is now a natural progression as we move towards a more and more complete Shadowbane. We'll continue fixing bugs and working on stability issues, alongside implementing the remaining features. However, we're getting closer and closer to making patches for the game and working on issues with the game alongside our brilliant community. To help us with this, we'll need excellent Advocates (and of course our glorious Community Roundtable members!).

So, if you'd like to participate in this system then please Private Message myself and send a short write-up including your motivations, which post you'd like to take and your general view on the current problems with the game and game balance!

The posts are:
  • 2x Rogue Advocates
  • 2x Fighter Advocates
  • 2x Healer Advocates
  • 2x Mage advocates
  • 4x General Advocates
If you're interested in helping us ensure the game is as amazing as it could be, and you share our vision for improving the game alongside the community then please get in contact!
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