Project Update: Reforged in Flame 1.5 Test Server

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Project Update: Reforged in Flame 1.5 Test Server

Post by Rewen » Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:10 pm


Hello all! We hope you've all had a great holidays; we've had a jolly good time working on the new update! We're still in development and testing mode, but we're getting there. We hope you've been following some of the things we're aiming to do in this update in the Development Diary, which we'll be keeping updated until we launch these new features.
RIF 1.5 Test Realm, Server Wipe & New Server Launch!

Within the next two weeks we will be opening a Test Realm. This will be exactly like the preview that we held shortly before Reforged in Flame: very high gold and XP rates, easy access to gear, and of course the new patch features. The aim is to allow you and your guild to get a feel for changes. This will both allow for an even playing field on the next phase and give you a chance to provide feedback and find any bugs we missed. We expect this test to last a couple weeks, but that may change depending on how things go. The production server will likely come down when the test realm opens, but we may keep it open alongside.

Once the Test Realm has officially ended, we'll be opening up a brand new server for production. We'll give you advance notice of both the Test Realm & opening of the new server.

It will soon be that time again. The time to call your friends and allies to your side and rally for the race to plant your city! Beware, for the battlefield ahead will be the most dynamic yet. Clever nations will have fresh opportunities to manipulate the new meta. Creative individuals hold the potential to lead the way with the next FotM, powerful specs, and unexpected strategies.
RIF 1.5 Goals

The focus for the 1.5 patch is embedded in variety, choice and competition. We wanted to ensure the server was more sustainable for a longer period, and your choices mattered more. We want to greatly reduce the power of botting or multiboxing and greatly increase the ability for smaller nations to deal with zergs in the right circumstances. More things should be viable, more choices should be viable and more powers should be viable than ever before. Goals for the new balance patch include (but are not limited to):
  • Reduced benefits for buff-bots/multiboxing in PvP
  • Greatly more (powerful) & increased tools to fighting larger ("zerg") nations
  • Way of life updates
  • Every supportive/auxilary support class becoming useful support characters, instead of just priests
  • Discipline updates
  • Scout rebalancing
  • Rogue rebalancing
  • Elite gear rebalancing
  • A new map designed to make the game more sustainable and competitive for smaller populations so even when the server becomes less populated as time goes on, there'll still be lots to do and plenty of competition.
New Moderation Practice & Further Reconciling the Community

The preeminent duty of the moderators is to keep the forum organized. An organized forum means that new or prospective users, who help our community grow, can find the information they are looking for quickly and without unnecessary clutter. This is a also a public relations effort that involves keeping potentially negative posts, vitriolic political posts, and inappropriate (NSFW) content on an opt-in part of the forums.

In the past, those users who were found unwilling or unable to follow our rules after being warned had one option: exile. We've long felt that this is a bit harsh for a community with its politics so firmly rooted in "forumbane".

Restricted Posting
Luckily, we have come up with a happy medium we are calling "Restricted Posting". From now on, any user who would be banned will instead be restricted to the Political Discussion forum, with read-only access to several other select forums. The restriction may be lifted after some time has passed just like a temporary ban. Be warned that regular bans still exist. If your posting behavior is too toxic even for political discussion, you can still be banned, but we hope to not have to do this.

Ban Amnesty
We will begin removing permanent bans for most users and converting them to Restricted Posting accounts. If you have been permanently banned for forum conduct in the past, you will be able to log in over the next few days. We trust that those getting this second chance can appreciate this olive branch and play fair under the rules set forth in our code of conduct.

We hope this action shows our commitment to reconciling the community and both projects. This is one more step in our goal of having a more welcoming and wide ranging community, with less splinter factions and "us vs them".


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