Project Update & Patch 1.6!

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Project Update & Patch 1.6!

Post by Rewen » Fri May 08, 2015 4:21 pm

Greetings all!

Since we launched the 1.5 patch in March we've made some significant updates to the game in terms of core functionality, stability and performance. We're continuing to look at core problems including melee sync and hope to accomplish even more in the time ahead of us. In addition, we're seeing one of the most active servers this far into an iteration that we've ever had, and we're all very proud and happy to have achieved that!

Read on for news about performance, patch 1.6, our 1.6 launch event and a 5v5 Tournament!

Performance & Stability

We'll start off with discussion about our progress in regards to performance, because that's what many of you want to hear! AdamWest & RichV have made some monumental progress in this area of the project over the past 6 months, which has only been aided further by the fresh motivation & unique skillset that Chimpy has brought to the project when he joined us a little over a month ago. We're in a golden age where we've got stability and performance that we've never experienced before, and it's improving every day. The foundation is now strong and able. Bugs are being squashed rapidly and we're no longer in distress mode. Smooth sailing ahead!

SBEmu is hosting stable large scale banes, to give an example of a few weeks ago - two banes happening concurrently with between 100 and 150 characters variably, EACH! In addition to that, there were mines, engagements and events happening elsewhere at the same time - over 650 people online at once. No lag and no stability issues occurred. For over a month now we've been experiencing the awesome new stability our lovely Development Team has delivered. We're proud and so happy to have such devoted individuals on the staff that can accomplish turn arounds so dramatically with small amounts of time to give as volunteers.

This new upbeat performance record doesn't stop there. We've shot down dozens of bugs over the past 2-3 months making our bane, siege and PvE systems more manageable, smooth and bug-free. There's still more work to be done, of course, but we're all very happy that we are finally delivering a product to you that is enjoyable and stable. We're marching onto Melee Sync as the next performance related system we need to work on.

New Patch 1.6 + Launch Event - 7 Days of Bonus XP & Gold!

Tomorrow is the release of patch 1.6. It follows the first in our new method of patching where we focus on smaller, regular individual changes instead of massive mechanical changes every number of months. Patch 1.6 adds a new flavour to race choice, reworks a useless discipline, fixes up some bugs, adds in some much requested community class changes, rune changes and finally adds a brand new piece of content; Outposts. In addition, the AoE 5/55 rule has been removed to help shake up balance and get things back on track for improved variety.

We're excited to see what the community does with this new content and we're looking forward to taking your feedback to help shape & adjust it further.

To celebrate the launch of 1.6, we'll be having a WEEK LONG bonus gold & XP event! Now's the time to get involved with the server if you haven't already. Now's the time to get a new spec group ready. Now's the time to sort out gearing up your characters and warring with your rivals!

Who is going to take the best advantage of this, and who is going to figure out the new meta with 1.6? Better yet, who's going to seize this opportunity to get ready for the tournament?!

Make sure to update your client tomorrow.

New Brainstorming Feedback System
We installed the CRT system to help get your feedback on board, but we've heard your voice in that you want some more community led updates or ideas to be put through into real action. With that, we've looked for solutions to better allow you all to share ideas and vote for hot topics that we should be addressing in future patches. Get involved with the following system to make your voice heard or get your ideas & suggestions into the game. We'll be taking it with a pinch of salt and it will be moderated. This first run of the system will be used as a trial and if it works out we'll adopt this practice permanently. Check it out and get your ideas down on paper:


You can also find this link on our forums under General Discussion

This system should be used to vote for bugs, ideas, and updates you want acted on in future patches. See below for an example - you may see it around on the forum. Click add New Idea to use it, or click Vote to upvote an existing idea or bug.

5v5 Tournament - 30th of May, Time TBA!

Our first Server Event is going to be a 5v5 tournament - and everyone is invited. We'll be accepting sign ups for this tournament shortly - but you need to get your characters ready, rune'd, geared and you'll need to have a solid idea of your strategy for the tournament! The tournament will take place on the 30th of May, a Saturday, and we hope to see you there. The exact time will be posted as we get closer to the date.

The rewards for this Tournament include a 5v5 Tournament Winner title, which will mean the current 5v5 Winners will lose their titles if they don't get involved. You'll also win some ingame goodies and a statue named after your team (of an appropriate name) will be placed in Sacred Dalgoth!


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