Preview Extended to 10/4!

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Preview Extended to 10/4!

Post by SBEAnnouncer » Sat Sep 30, 2017 6:16 pm

We are loving all the bug-fixing this preview has accomplished! Therefore, we have decided to extend it to Wednesday October 4th!

To celebrate, and to test population spikes, we are also going to be holding a couple of events on Tuesday, October 3rd. If you can only play for a short time, log in on Tuesday for some fun!

Return of the Jen'e'tai
Roll up a greatsword-wielder for an epic battle on newb isle! We will be handing out glowing swords for free. Come and witness this awesome battle royale on newb island!

  • Where: Hothor's Doom, Newb Isle
  • When: Starts at 7PM EST, Tuesday Oct. 3rd.
Hell in a Citadel
This is a one vs. one cage match. Two go in, one comes out. The winner stays inside, and anyone from the crowd may challenge them! If you get 5 victories in a row, you will get a unique forum avatar! If you win 10, you get to choose the next place to receive a Hot Zone Event!

Crowd interference may lead to premature death. ;)

  • Where: Center of Terminus Isle (through the white gate in Aeld)
  • When: Starts at 10PM EST, Tuesday Oct. 3rd.
Hope to see you all there!
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