Weekly Update 12/11/2011

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Weekly Update 12/11/2011

Post by Tybalt » Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:40 pm

12/11/2011 Weekly Announcement

Developer Updates
SBEmu Developer RichV has added the Aerynth and Dalgoth maps to the server! Additionally, he has done work cleaning up the debug code as well as applying various bug fixes to the current Vorringia map set. Papah has been burned out this week due to the massive amounts of time he put in the previous week working on the source code. He will be immediately starting again tonight.

As for the recent posts asking about what original content will be in the Shadowbane Emulator, the Developers leave you with this. If it was intended to be fixed and was broken/bugged/wrong in the former live version of Shadowbane, it will be fixed in the emulator. Additionally if it was in the live version, and was intended to be there, then it will not be changed unless voted on by the SBEmu Team.

Design Team Updates
Our Design Team has been restoring King's Cross to it's former glory! Furthermore, Xemise has placed about 85% of Bastion and it looks amazing. See below. The entire team has made progress on the experience curve and expect to have it finished by the end of the week. Adron has made amazing progress in regards to training costs on powers while spending hours creating excel data files.



Test Team Updates
We are proud to announce 4 new members to the Test Team! Please welcome Melubb, Colest, Siren and Shaman as the four new Junior Testers! Since their arrival, more and more testing has been done in regards to small PvP and group dynamics. Additionally, our Tester Moco has been promoted to Senior Tester due to his excellent and progressive contribution to the Test Team thus far.

Closed Beta Announcement
We are still accepting applications for Closed Beta and the Test Team! To apply see the Recruitment forums here: http://www.shadowbaneemulator.com/forum ... f=8&t=2537

and post your application here: http://www.shadowbaneemulator.com/forum ... .php?f=138

We will be sending the first round of Closed Beta invites out January 1st of 2012, for a January 15th 2012 release of Closed Beta

Community Manager Update
Please review our Forum Code of Conduct (FCoC) as it has been updated recently. If you have any discrepancies or questions about the FCoC feel free to pm anyone of our Moderators or myself and we will be happy to assist you. Additionally I would like to remind everyone that personal attacks and threats directed toward anyone on the forums will not be tolerated. I understand this is a vicious PvP game, but we ask the community to please keep in mind when posting on the forums, to hold yourself with a certain basic level of respect.

Discussion Thread:
http://www.shadowbaneemulator.com/forum ... f=7&t=2767


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