1/8/2012 Weekly Announcement

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1/8/2012 Weekly Announcement

Post by Tybalt » Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:23 am

1/8/2012 Weekly Announcement

Newbie Guide Contest

This will be a contest which will challenge the community to create a "Newbie Guide for the Shadowbane Emulator." The best couple of guides will earn a spot for Closed Beta! Once you have completed your guide, send it in a PM to Daymar. The cutoff date for submissions will be January 14th. The winners will be chosen by the team. Some areas which need to covered by the guide, but not limited to this, are listed below:

1. How to find an appropriate Shadowbane client according to OS by using search functions.
2. How to access the emulator game server by changing the arcaneIP.cfg.
3. Where to find the game client, and the minimum requirements to run the emulator.
4. How to create new game accounts.
5. How to contact guilds or start guilds.
6. How to start off in the game and build characters, as well as cities.
7. Mines, banes, resource equipment, Vorg item drop, and important start up discipline runes.
8. Where to find advanced information on character templates and game information.

Please keep in mind that these guides need to be simple enough for a completely new Shadowbane player in which the emulator will be the first time they experience the game. The winners will be decided by a Team Vote followed by a community vote for the best guides and the winners will be announced then allowed acceptance to the Closed Beta program for the 2nd phase of Closed Beta.

If you have any questions, post them here: http://www.shadowbaneemulator.com/forum ... f=7&t=2926

Developer Updates
Developer Papah has been working on city maintenance, forges, item rolling, as well as other city related aspects. Specifically he has added condition checks for valid number of Items rolling in vendors. As well as adding missing normal/guild/nation buy/sell profits. He has added missing cost info for NPC management. As far as item rolling, Papah has added items to the roll list for item creation.

Developer RichV has been largely working bug fixes as well as server set up. The Database now determines the server default access level as well as determines if a server shows up to the login server.

Design Team Updates
Design Team Member Xemise has been putting the final touches on King's Cross. You can see the screenshots below. The Design Team have also fixed some mob damage values and loot tables.




Test Team Updates
Progress with the loot tables has been slow but steady. The desert zones have almost been completed and a few areas are being re-scanned to verify any bug fixes that may or may not have occurred yet. The majority of the mobs are set on a generic loot table which includes almost every type of item, but special loot is being checked. Melubb has been working through loot tables in the Ashfell Plains. Siren has also been making note of all non-loot table bugs/discrepancies found and reported. After the desert continent is wrapped up plan on heading to noob to get ahead of the beta squad and perform loot table analysis to ensure a quality experience. Additionally, the whole test team, moderator, and even designers have been testing all aspects of newbie island. From Frost Walkers to Reekor the Grobold King.

Note from the Community Manager
The date for Closed Beta applications has closed! We intend on starting the first phase on January 15th and proceeding on to the next phases soon after! It's an exciting process for both the community and the team as we enter the next couple of weeks. I'm also glad to announce that our forums have hit 2000 members! Thank you to all that spread the word about the project and produce to the growth of our project!

Discussion Thread:
http://www.shadowbaneemulator.com/forum ... f=7&t=3270


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